Stories from the Skyline [team]

Bram [Agile Coach]

As an agile coach, Bram is on a mission to enhance team effectiveness by creating the ideal environment tailored to each team's unique needs

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Edith [Technical Writer]

Edith is a member of our Technical Writing team, they work closely with developers to translate their technical insights into user-friendly DataMiner docs.

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Maren [Management Assistant]

Maren is part of Back Office, a small team that offers operational support to all other Skyline departments, handling tasks both big and small.

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Zain [Operations Support Engineer]

Zain is part of the Operations Support team; a team dedicated to making sure our users can enjoy the most streamlined DataMiner experience as possible.

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Aaron [Quality Assurance Engineer]

As a DevOps Engineer at Skyline, Aaron specializes in QA for SRM, DOM, and user-defined APIs, ensuring seamless automation solutions.

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