Quality Assurance Engineer

Meet our Quality Assurance Engineer, Aaron

February 2, 2024

Aaron is a DevOps Engineer in Skyline’s Automation and Orchestration domain. This means he’s one of the great minds behind our solutions like Service & Resource Management (SRM), DataMiner Object Modeling (DOM) and user-defined APIs. He spends most of his time on Quality Assurance (QA), ensuring that our delivered automation solutions work as intended in any kind of situation.

“I get a real kick out of reviewing new features or fixes. There’s just no room for inconsistencies when it comes to automation and orchestration.”

Time to meet Aaron, [Quality Assurance Engineer]

Dilemma time: Would you rather never deal with merge conflicts again or never run into pesky production bugs?

Since we don’t really encounter that many merge conflicts, I’ll go for “never run into production bugs”. This would mean that all our code works perfectly, and all bugs and edge cases are caught before being pushed to production. In reality, of course, this is virtually impossible. Even though we diligently test numerous scenarios, real users often surprise us, taking unusual paths and revealing odd interactions we hadn’t considered. This is also what makes QA so interesting, trying to come up with ways the code could break or not behave as expected.

What’s your biggest ick when reviewing code?

The most annoying aspect of code review is dealing with very large changes. While we always try to keep our changes small, there are times when lots of changes across multiple files are necessary. And sorting through over 100 files can be incredibly tedious and challenging to maintain focus. For these bigger changes, we usually enlist multiple reviewers too because it's easier to overlook something.

When did you discover your love for code and coding?

Like many programmers, I think, my interest started with messing around in the HTML code of websites, changing colors and texts. But I really got a feel for commands and code by playing video games.

Many games offer a 'console' where players can input commands to bend the rules or unlock hidden features. Originally meant for developers, these consoles became playgrounds for players to unleash their creativity. A friend once pointed out that if I enjoyed experimenting with commands and scripts in games, I should look into programming. And so, I did.

What drew me to programming was the problem-solving aspect and the structured approach it demanded. And the boundless freedom and creativity of building any program or feature imaginable kept me hungry to learn more.

You love traveling, don’t you? Which country is at the very top of your bucket list?

Yes, I kind of discovered my love for traveling while working here, because I finally have the time and budget to travel now. Back when I was studying, it was a juggling act between classes, exams, and my summer job.  

But last year, I managed to squeeze in trips to several places like Munich, Copenhagen, Athens, and Thailand. And Thailand especially stole my heart. The food was incredible, and there were so many unique experiences like visiting an elephant sanctuary and catching a Muay Thai match.

That adventure sparked a fascination with Asia for me. Right now, Japan is sitting at the top of my bucket list. It looks like a beautiful country with stunning nature, a rich culture, and interesting food. But it’s quite an expensive country too, especially with the long flight from Belgium. And I would like to go for a few weeks or even a month. So, the Japan trip probably won’t happen any time soon, but it's definitely on the horizon.

What’s your top 3 video games of all time?

Gaming has always been a huge part of how I spend my free time. My dad was quite the gamer himself, and one of my earliest memories involves playing a Winnie the Pooh game on the PlayStation One that he got for me. I guess I was too young for his favorite game, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Online gaming has also made it possible to hang out with friends that live far away. During the pandemic, Ark became our go-to. The game is all about trying to survive, taming dinosaurs and creatures, and building structures. Destiny is another favorite. A space-themed first-person shooter that I sunk countless hours into with friends. Some activities in the game required more players, so we met tons of interesting folks we wouldn't have otherwise.

And finally, my favorite single player game is God of War. Its gripping storyline and immersive Norse mythology theme had me hooked. I spent way more time than necessary exploring every nook, completing every side quest, and hunting down every collectible because I just couldn't get enough of its captivating world.

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