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record growth, more complex automation and advanced oss integrations

Skyline Communications, global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management solutions for the IPTV, satellite, HFC broadband and broadcast industry, announced record sales figures for 2013 at its annual employee New Year event last weekend. A growth curve that has started and persisted since the very inception of the DataMiner multi-vendor network management platform and which is largely driven by the technological innovation authority of the platform.

“The broadcast and telecom industry is evolving faster than ever before. The ever increasing complexity of the underlying systems, and the ever increasing dependency of our society and our businesses on advanced IP and video services, continues to accelerate the deployment of the new generation of end-to-end multi-vendor network management software that DataMiner is synonymous for since many years,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, Sales & Marketing Director at Skyline Communications. “DataMiner has literally revolutionized the end-to-end multi-vendor network management domain, and continues to do so every single year. Today it is integrated with over 3500 products from more than 400 different vendors, and still counting. This is by far the largest and most successful multi-vendor network management solution ever deployed in the industry, and it is now used by more than 400 leading operators in over 85 countries around the world.”
But 2013 was not only excelling in terms of business performance. The DataMiner solutions implemented by an ever faster growing number of operators around the world are increasingly more advanced and intelligent, fully leveraging the unique capabilities of the renowned DataMiner platform, and these solutions go far beyond what one could traditionally expect from previous-generation legacy solutions in this industry. Skyline has observed a significant push towards highly automated and more tightly OSS-integrated solutions, which are now finally possible just because of DataMiner. In fact, this is exactly where DataMiner outperforms any other solution available in the industry, and where the end-to-end multi-vendor nature of DataMiner shines brighter than ever before.
DataMiner’s powerful open architecture solution, including advanced user-definable automation and correlation, combined with the unique unrivaled end-to-end multi-vendor capabilities, result in solutions that go beyond anything that has ever been done before. And this opens up a whole range of new business opportunities across a wide variety of applications and technologies, including for example both terrestrial and satellite-based video and file exchange networks, VSAT platforms, play-out facilities, contribution and distribution networks, digital headends, terrestrial transmitter networks, and a plethora of very specific technologies such as ad-insertion solutions, file-based work flow platforms, end-to-end service provisioning, quality of service management, etc.  All consolidated in one common state-of-the-art DataMiner network management platform. 
“We can also proudly report an ever growing number of deployments for our DataMiner CPE Manager technology. And that’s not exactly surprising, because the return on investment for this kind of cutting-edge network management technology is a no-brainer for every operator dedicated to his success. Technology leadership and innovation has always been the signature of Skyline, and DataMiner CPE Manager is definitely an example of that. And also in the coming years, we remain very dedicated to innovation. We continuously increase the investment in our research and development, and we continue to push the boundaries of network management in our industry,” confirmed Bert Vandenberghe, Skyline’s Software R&D Director. “DataMiner has always played a leading and even disruptive role technology-wise, and that’s what our customers are now accustomed to and what our team is committed to. Operators who choose DataMiner can be rest assured that they will get the very best that technology can offer, today and any time in the future.”

“We have very exciting times ahead of us. In 2014 we will be moving to our new state-of-the-art headquarters, which will be an incubator for our very talented team to continue to push those technology boundaries. Because at end of the day, that’s what DataMiner is in the first place. A very talented and growing group of software and telecom people, united in a completely vendor-independent company, and very determined to settle for nothing but the best for its customers. And to share its unique network management expertise and experience with those customers to support their business and their success. In other words, DataMiner is a whole lot more than just a software platform,” concluded Frederik Vandenberghe, Finance & HR Director at Skyline Communications.

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Ben, Frederik and Bert Vandenberghe
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Skyline newyear event 2014

Ben Vandenberghe announcing record sales figures for 2013 at the annual employee New Year event.