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dataminer 6.5 showcasing at satellite 2011

Skyline Communications, global leader in multi-vendor network management solutions for the satellite, broadcast, IPTV and HFC broadband industry, is presenting at Satellite 2011 the latest release of its renowned and globally deployed DataMiner multi-vendor network management platform.

DataMiner enables operators around the globe to manage their entire operational ecosystem end-to-end across any vendor and technology boundaries. This includes renowned corporations such as Discovery, Eutelsat, Gazprom, Globecast, Hispasat, Marlink, MTV, Multichoice, Stratos Global, Telenor, Vizada, etc.

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The solution is currently integrated with more than 2000 devices and systems from more than 350 industry suppliers, and is guaranteed to interface with any product from any vendor, resulting in an unrivaled end-to-end perspective to manage complex infrastructures including VSAT systems, satellite earth stations, video processing and distribution platforms, IT infrastructure, and more. DataMiner offers a plethora of open architecture features and capabilities including for example remote monitoring and control, reporting, automation (for applications such as diversity switching, redundancy switching, service provisioning, etc.) alarm correlation, notification, service and SLA management, mobile access, RF spectrum monitoring, and much more.

At Satellite 2011, Skyline Communications is presenting its latest 6.5 release of DataMiner. This release includes unrivaled capabilities for operators to manage their vast satellite communications infrastructure and service ecosystems more efficiently than ever before.

“DataMiner has a history of key innovations, and has a very strong reputation as the benchmark for open architecture end-to-end multi-vendor network management platforms in this industry. Operators choose DataMiner to manage their day-to-day operations because they know that they will always dispose of the most innovative technology, and reap the benefits of that. And with DataMiner 6.5 we are again hitting some major innovation milestones, and we are once more raising the bar,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, Sales & Marketing Director at Skyline Communications. “One of the highlights at the show is undoubtedly our new user-centric DataMiner Cube UI. This is the very first time in this industry that user-centric UI design is applied for a professional NMS/OSS solution. We’ve designed DataMiner Cube to make it simpler and more intuitive than ever before for an operator to manage the most complex and vast technology ecosystems end-to-end. The resulting increased efficiency drives down the operational cost for our customers. And that’s exactly what we are after with every release of DataMiner. Our current generation of UIs was already ranked at the top, but DataMiner Cube really goes even way beyond that.”

Along with DataMiner Cube, DataMiner 6.5 also introduces a whole set of other improvements and innovations. This includes the already 3rd generation of the DataMiner Service Management and Business Intelligence technology, which already single-handed redefined how operators manage their complex multi-vendor infrastructures. The solution automatically analyzes the entire operational ecosystem, across vendor and technology boundaries, and generates services according to the user-defined business logic. Service management includes dynamic service tracking, real-time SLA tracking, MS Visio graphical service presentations, automated root-cause-analysis, and more. No matter if you need to manage earth stations, video services, GSM backhaul, IP trunking, VSATs, etc. and no matter what technology you deploy, DataMiner Service Management makes it easier and more efficient than ever before.