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Globecast Asia selects DataMiner for automated, proactive subtitle and uplink monitoring

Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has deployed the award-winning DataMiner solution from Skyline Communications, the global leading supplier of end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS software solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry. This allows Globecast Asia to automatically check subtitles as well as to monitor uplinks and multiple satellite transponders, enhancing value for its broadcast customers beyond SLAs.

Globecast pressrelease

In multilingual Asia, subtitles are key to a channel’s success. In many countries, if a program has no local language subtitles, this often causes viewers to stop watching. With Globecast Asia’s growing number of customers, installing a proactive, automated system that allows detailed subtitle monitoring was essential. DataMiner, which features highly user-definable file-based process management capabilities, monitors the availability of subtitles against the scheduled playlist three days before the transmission. This means operators are alerted well in advance about missing subtitles attached to a scheduled program, so they can take action accordingly. DataMiner also checks subtitles on air, provides an audio-visual alarm in those rare cases where subtitles are missing, and prompts for manual intervention.

Shakunt Malhotra, VP Operations at Globecast Asia, said, “As we continue to grow, it’s essential that we have backend technologies and workflows that allow us to scale quickly and easily, providing the level of high quality of service for which we are renowned. Our use of DataMiner is a key part of that across both subtitling and transponder/uplink monitoring, giving us a level of automation that allows us to be proactive, supporting our continuingly rising channel count.”

DataMiner surveys multiple transponders and associated uplinks at Globecast Asia. The system scans them periodically and is capable of alerting operators in case of any anomaly. It provides return path monitoring across multiple antennas and key equipment, including modulators, HPAs, LNB controllers, etc., topped off with full RF signal spectrum monitoring. All operational data is presented via intuitive graphics, powered by the unique DataMiner Visual Overview interface.

Jonathan Triboulet, Director of Operations at Skyline APAC said, “Through continuous in-depth communication and collaboration with the team at Globecast, we identified the exact challenges and particularities of their operation, in order to best leverage the unique capabilities of DataMiner. This has allowed us to deliver a solution meticulously tailored to Globecast’s needs, both now and in the future.”