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Skyline and Globecast Asia team up to power an integrated infrastructure

Skyline Communications, announces that Globecast Asia has successfully deployed Skyline’s award-winning DataMiner solution to consolidate disparate operational silos, including its file-based process management, video streaming platform and satellite uplink.

Globecast strives towards operational excellence, and both Quality of Service and Quality of Experience are a key priority for their business units across the world. Considering the ever-growing complexity of our operational systems, a state-of-the-art end-to-end network management solution is clearly indispensable for anyone who is really committed to delivering nothing but the best to customers. DataMiner was an obvious choice for Globecast Asia, considering its unique end-to-end capabilities, right across any aspect of broadcast and media operations. It is also truly an independent and therefore future-proof platform. DataMiner’s introduction has led to very tangible and immediate results: the overall subtitle outage number has been dramatically reduced. This is very relevant for Globecast, as these outages weigh in on SLAs as much as video and audio do.

Interface intergrated infrastructure

The DataMiner file-based process management solution, including playlist integrity and material availability checking, enables Globecast Asia to move from a reactive to a proactive operation. Intuitive dashboards provide an at-a-glance overview of all assets and their status, and DataMiner also automatically sends out lists of missing assets to operators sufficiently ahead of the associated event. The collaboration features in DataMiner, such as incident ownership management, enable the operational teams to organize follow-up in a very dynamic and transparent fashion. Typically, issues are now detected at an early stage, and Globecast teams can easily plan four days in advance. But DataMiner now also gives the means to react in real time to last-minute playlist modifications.

During live streaming, DataMiner interacts with the transport stream analysis systems to gain visibility down to PID level and to check against expected patterns. This, combined with playlist analysis data, enables accurate monitoring and prevents the operational team from being flooded with false positives.

Interface intergrated infrastructure

Last but not least, the same platform also includes the complete Globecast satellite uplink. It provides return path monitoring across multiple antennas and various equipment, including modulators, HPAs, LNB controllers, etc., topped off with full RF signal spectrum monitoring. All operational data is presented in intuitive bubble-up and drill-down graphics, powered by the unique DataMiner Visual Overview interface. Incidents and daily reports are automatically dispatched to select engineers and managers to keep them on top of their game in a very proactive manner.

It’s been great to see again how DataMiner can truly consolidate an entire operation, end to end, across all operational silos and across all vendor and technology boundaries on one single screen. By doing so, it enables an operations team to really get ahead of the game, and to focus on applying their expertise in a proactive manner instead of firefighting incidents that already affect customers. Through continuous in-depth communication and collaboration with the relevant teams at Globecast, we identified the exact challenges and particularities in their operation, in order to subsequently leverage the unique and tremendous capabilities of DataMiner to deliver a solution meticulously tailored to the Globecast needs. Because ultimately it is not only about our world-class DataMiner software platform, but also about our unique combined expertise at Skyline in terms of managing today’s broadcast and media platforms more easily and more intuitively than ever before.

Interface intergrated infrastructure