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Viaplay Group chooses DataMiner to streamline their production workflows

Skyline Communications, global leading provider of end-to-end vendor- and domain-agnostic digital transformation solutions for the ICT media and broadband industry, is proud to announce that Viaplay has chosen Skyline's DataMiner as the management platform to streamline their production workflows and signal routing across multiple countries.

Viaplay Group and Skyline Communications

With the continuous expansion of Viaplay Group into new territories, optimizing their media operations was of key importance. Viaplay has implemented a DataMiner System that allows signal routing across their legacy SDI infrastructure and that at the same time supports IP-based routing of video and audio streams across any IP network LAN and WAN architecture.

"We now broadcast Premiere League in 9 different countries, and we are continuously adding more live sports events. With our two central MCRs, production hubs across Europe and an expanding contribution network, we had to stop considering our contribution links as static point-to-point connections and start using our infrastructure in the most efficient way possible and in a much more dynamic manner," said Martin Bergström, Technical Development Manager at Viaplay. "Skyline was the ideal partner for us. We could simply create easy-to-use web-based signal routing panels across many different technologies such as local SDI routers and MPLS and new IP multicast contributions networks. Our connectivity provider, Mobile Links Europe, exposed a specific API to safely control a subset of all crosspoints in the contribution network with DataMiner."

"We are proud to support Viaplay’s expansion and digital transformation. Viaplay Group has connected their DataMiner System to the cloud at an early stage, which allows them to benefit from additional DataMiner functions. With DataMiner Dashboard Sharing, Viaplay can now share HTML-based router panels with just about anybody from outside the company with just a few clicks. For each production, contractors at different production sites receive an email with a link to a router panel that only shows those sources and destinations they need for their production. And at the end of the production, the panel will automatically be decommissioned again," added Lars von Oertzen, Regional Account Manager at Skyline Communications.

"We are very excited to have established a long-term partnership with Viaplay Group. We not only help them tackle their current challenges to provide the right data for the right users at the right time, but with DataMiner they also have a platform in place that allows them to continuously evolve in a DevOps-style and an agile manner to deliver value fast," concluded Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications.