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tv2 norway leveraging dataminer to watch over sochi winter olympics ott services

Skyline Communications, global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management solutions for the satellite, broadcast, IPTV and HFC broadband industry, announces that TV2 Norway, the largest commercial television station in Norway, leverages the DataMiner multi-vendor network management platform for the management of its Sumo OTT services, which is being used for permanent channels as well as occasional events such as the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Following an earlier decision to start the strategic deployment of a DataMiner end-to-end multi-vendor network management solution at TV2, and to move the operation away from the previous-generation legacy and vendor-specific management platforms, an urgent requirement arose to ensure optimal availability for the high-profile Sochi Olympic services on the Sumo OTT platform.

Based on the unique, open architecture interfacing and workflow capabilities of DataMiner, TV2 managed to bridge its real-time QoS/QoE OTT monitoring systems from Agama with its asset management back-end databases, and to create a fully automated and consolidated management solution.  The abundance of content assets from the database can now easily be flagged in DataMiner for monitoring, upon which DataMiner automatically performs the necessary configurations of the underlying QoS/QoE OTT monitoring system, simultaneously performing analysis of up to 250 OTT services simultaneously.

Furthermore, DataMiner provides an intuitive unified overview of the status of all key OTT services, both occasional and permanent, and across different platforms such as web and tablets, and notifies operators instantly of any anomalies.  All user interfaces have been designed based on the highly flexible and easy-to-configure DataMiner Visual Overview UI, compatible with MS Visio® for easy design.