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Skyline's tailored DevOps program draws over 1,000 professionals worldwide

We are excited to announce that our recently launched DataMiner DevOps Professional program has already surpassed 1,000 passionate members from across the globe and it continues to gain considerable momentum. This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering a unique, vibrant community of trailblazers and creators, so they are empowered to unlock the full potential of their operational ecosystems and businesses. These are increasingly designed around transformative technologies, like IP and cloud services, and as such offer almost unlimited opportunity to innovate.

The program is about people boosting their personal value, by developing highly-sought-after skills.

Emma Saldi, Learning & Development Partner at Skyline Communications

The overall DataMiner Dojo Community, which now counts over 7,000 registered users and well over 30,000 visitors, is one of the cornerstones of the DataMiner ecosystem. It’s essential to create an agile partnership between people and experts from all over the world, and to elevate the value generated by everybody on a day-to-day basis. The DataMiner DevOps Professional program itself focuses on everybody within the DataMiner community who’s specifically involved in the creative process of continuously converting raw data and controls into value towards the goals of the data-driven business. And this across a vast spectrum of focus areas such as lowering operational cost, optimizing utilization of resources, hardening security, innovating the product and service offering, increasing the quality of service, reducing the carbon footprint, and much more.

DataMiner DevOps Professionals at work

“This is about people boosting their personal value, by developing highly-sought-after skills, as well as organizations becoming agile data-driven powerhouses. Businesses that embrace DataMiner and a DevOps mindset to ensure continuous delivery of value towards their goals,” commented Emma Saldi, Learning & Development Partner at Skyline Communications. “And we are always evolving and developing new initiatives to fuel the DataMiner DevOps Pro community non-stop with growth and profound knowledge. In the past year we have for example organized in-person hands-on Empower sessions across all continents and world cities, all heavily attended. More recently we launched our weekly online Empower Katas for continuous micro-learning. But also for example our new upcoming cloud Catalog services are about to again further boost this community of creators tremendously. The latter is all about sharing and empowering these creators with modular functions and components that are easy to use and reuse.”

“DataMiner is a powerful transformational software platform, enabling seamless ingest of data from diverse sources, while simultaneously providing also robust control for automation and remote management of products, ranging from hardware, software to cloud services,” added Bert Vandenberghe, CTO at Skyline Communications. “This milestone achieved also signifies the surging demand for such open platforms that empower individuals to design comprehensive data-driven solutions easily and efficiently. Platforms that make digital transformation a reality, and that enable people to build and shape data-driven powerhouses.”

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