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Skyline shortlisted as an IABM awards finalist

Skyline Communications, has been shortlisted for the prestigious “IABM Design & Innovation Awards 2017” in the “system automation and control” category. Being widely recognized as the leading operational cross-vendor and cross-technology network management and orchestration environment for the media and entertainment industry, with its latest release DataMiner is the only solution that provides a true end-to-end view on a modern broadcast media data center.

iabm Design & innovation awards 2017

Skyline Communications has enhanced DataMiner´s capabilities towards a fully integrated innovative solution to monitor, orchestrate and automate any modern media data center end to end across any boundaries. In order to accomplish this, DataMiner manages the full broadcast media data center stack across all its layers, including:

  • Infrastructure
  • OS, virtualization, and containers
  • applications and microservices
  • media services
  • business SLA management

This cutting-edge technology, designed for an agile devops style operation, takes broadcast and media operations to an entirely new level by providing sophisticated end-to-end orchestration and workflow automation, transparently across any vendor and technology boundaries. This truly disruptive technology is slated to become one of the most vital and strategic assets for broadcast and media companies dedicated to success.
Thomas Gunkel, Market Director Broadcast at Skyline Communications, said, “With the broadcast and media industry going through tremendous changes, it is key to continuously adapt and integrate new emerging technologies on the fly in an ongoing operation. A flexible and powerful end-to-end monitoring and orchestration technology has become one of the most strategic assets for broadcast and media companies. Only with that they will be able to fully leverage the flexibility of virtualized on-premises and off-premises resources to deliver innovative media services in line with the most optimal business models.