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Skyline reaches new heights again

Skyline has reached new heights again in 2016, as adoption of its game-changing DataMiner multi-vendor end-to-end NMS/OSS software technology continues to gain traction around the world. With a growth of 35% in sales in 2016, and effectively tripling sales over the course of the last 3 years, the company further strengthens its thought leadership in the field of advanced next-generation NMS/OSS software for the media industry. The company was also listed for the third consecutive year in the prestigious Deloitte Fast50 ranking as one of the fastest growing tech companies, and recently announced its plan to hire over 100 new talents to further support its continuous growth in 2017.

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"We have seen continued growth across all geographical areas and in all the individual media industry segments that we serve. As our customers effectively experience the considerable return and strategic value of our unique NMS/OSS technology, the scales of deployment keep on increasing very rapidly," commented Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. "Consolidation of the industry, seismic shifts in its business models and consumer expectations, the need to drive down operational cost and simultaneously increase quality of experience, … It all continues to fuel the need for sophisticated end-to-end network management and orchestration software, and DataMiner has become synonymous for that in the media industry. Recent technology transformations, including major waves of virtualization, make DataMiner an even more indispensable strategic asset for cross-vendor and cross-technology end-to-end orchestration. DataMiner effectively enables operators to harness the complexity of today's technology ecosystems, while at the same time enabling them to unlock their systems’ true potential and flexibility with its powerful orchestration capabilities. While in the past the solutions and business models offered by our customers were pretty much hardwired and locked into their underlying technology infrastructure, there is now an increasing shift towards the overarching end-to-end DataMiner software platform, which serves as the single pane of glass for end-to-end orchestration of the entire operation."
"Our solutions for end-to-end monitoring and orchestration are simply unrivaled, and this is reflected in the vast number of key wins in 2016. DataMiner was selected for DVB-T2 in Germany and deployed for the world's largest DTT network by RTRN in Russia, and this after earlier deployments in Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Norway, Belgium, etc. DataMiner Occasional Use solutions for file and live exchanges are the choice of leading providers such as Fox, NBCU, Olympic Channel, Al Jazeera's global media cloud, British Telecom and EBU News network, just to name a few," added Steven Soenens, VP Product Marketing at Skyline Communications. "DataMiner workflows span transparently across existing technology and new IP-centric, software-defined and virtualized functions. Our hybrid SDI/IP Master Control Room solution is being deployed at Sky UK, one of the first large-scale hybrid media platforms. DataMiner has been elected to monitor and orchestrate state-of-the-art data centers for live, on-demand, cloud DVR and dynamic ad insertion services for one of the largest telecom providers in US. Over 80% of satellite operators have deployed DataMiner, and our impact there continues to grow massively, fueled by our innovative solutions that enable new services over satellite, such as OTT video delivery, new business models such as VNO, and new GEO multi-spot beam and LEO constellations. In the cable market, 2016 was the year of early adaptors to DOCSIS 3.1 and HFC distributed-access architectures. Again, DataMiner ranks at the top of the list to deliver the indispensable cost-effective operational environment for D3.1, including DOCSIS Proactive Network Management (PNM). DataMiner was in fact deployed in the first large-scale D3.1 network and service quality management system (SQM) outside of North America, with the TDC Group in Denmark. And last but not least, DataMiner solutions are endorsed by more key technology and system integration companies than ever before. At present, in each of the market segments, we have technology integration programs and supply agreements with the vast majority of companies leading our industry to the next evolution. And this is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg in terms of great achievements in 2016."

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"One of the key contributors to our success is our vigorous process of continuous innovation. Over the recent years, we have invested significantly into the R&D for our open-architecture multi-vendor resource and capacity management capabilities, because today end-to-end orchestration is quickly becoming one of the most strategic assets for our customers to secure success in their business. Our unrivaled end-to-end cross-vendor and cross-technology reach allows operators to leverage their infrastructures in ways that were simply unimaginable previously, and to make vital new business models a reality," confirmed Bert Vandenberghe, CTO at Skyline Communications. "In the long run, we also invest heavily in real-time big data analytics and artificial intelligence. The amount of operational data collected by a DataMiner System is unprecedented and mind-boggling, and the new generation of intelligent analytics that we are introducing provides unique and extremely valuable insights for our customers to further support and streamline their operation. Our cutting-edge, self-learning behavioral analytics are one of the cornerstones of efficient management and monitoring for the ever more complex ecosystems of our customers, and will result in major paradigm shifts in the coming years. Sophisticated proactive management, based on self-learning, is one of the next big transformations in NMS/OSS, and Skyline is spearheading this wave based on several years of cutting-edge fundamental research in that domain."

"The solutions that we offer our customers are really in essence a fusion of our unique DataMiner software technology and our unrivaled expertise and knowledge regarding the end-to-end management of the most complex media ecosystems in the world. As we continue to grow, we invest significantly and very consistently in both of those key pillars," concluded Frederik Vandenberghe, CFO at Skyline Communications. "Our exclusive training programs are continuously expanded and enhanced, in order to ensure that we share our unique expertise efficiently. Our regional presence has now also been further expanded to 14 different key locations around the world, to ensure that all our customers have easy access to our expertise. In 2017, we plan to hire over 100 new talents across our principal facilities in Belgium, Portugal and Miami, and at other strategic locations. And to further support our operation on the long run, we recently broke ground for a prestigious expansion of our existing landmark headquarter facilities, which will be a 50-meter high, 12-story state-of-the-art office tower."