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Skyline launches brand-new DataMiner Cloud Platform

Skyline Communications, the global leader in AI-powered end-to-end multi-vendor network management and orchestration solutions for the media and broadband industry, announces the launch of its DataMiner Cloud Platform. This innovative cloud solution is going to serve as a new cornerstone in its DataMiner ecosystem offering. The DataMiner Cloud Platform represents a genuine paradigm shift, offering DataMiner users innovative solutions to ensure a successful transition into the emerging media and broadband ICT industry landscape, and to empower their digital transformation programs.

The launch of the DataMiner Cloud Platform includes the first version of an initial set of modules, namely the Dojo Community, the Catalog Service, Project Collaboration, and the Live Sharing Service. All these play into increasing agility in many ways and on many different levels, both from a technology perspective and from a human collaboration perspective, involving all possible relevant actors.

DataMiner Cloud Platform

“It is important to understand the very essence of what we see happening everywhere around us, and more specifically what exactly that means for the media and broadband ICT industry, in order to deliver truly innovative solutions that effectively go to the heart of it,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “With the DataMiner Cloud Platform, we didn’t just want to do what may appear to be the obvious at first sight. We wanted to thoroughly rethink what it really is that our user community requires to shine and to be successful in this new era. And that’s powerful and innovative solutions to create an agile data-driven operation. Because while our user base obviously still needs to run their current-day business and deliver their traditional service portfolio across the new generation of platforms, the parallel and far more challenging objective for our customers is to simultaneously evolve towards an agile data-driven operation. The latter is a very strategic and crucial objective, which will absolutely define the success of our users down the road. And the DataMiner Cloud Platform is really set to become a genuine game changer playing right into that specific objective, in many multifaceted ways.”

“With the DataMiner Cloud Platform we really focused on delivering maximum value for both all existing and all future DataMiner users, regardless of whether they choose to deploy their DataMiner platform on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid constellation,” commented Bert Vandenberghe, CTO at Skyline Communications. “Any existing DataMiner System, without exception, can be easily cloud-connected with a single click, and all those users can then instantly benefit from the platform’s innovative capabilities and services, in a fully integrated and seamless experience. And that is a very unique proposition in the market of cloud solutions and services. It offers our customers maximum freedom and choice, without any compromises.”

“Security, availability and global coverage are of course our top priorities. That is also the reason why the backbone of the critical DataMiner Cloud Platform services is designed upon the Microsoft Azure ecosystem,” added Jan Vanhove, Software R&D Director at Skyline Communications. “With the first version of the DataMiner Cloud Platform in place, and a considerable pipeline of upcoming innovations building upon this foundation, we are set on a path to radically change every single aspect of shaping and running a sophisticated and above all extremely agile media and broadband ICT operation. We are therefore very excited about the many key strategic advantages that we will be able to offer to all the media and broadband service providers around the world that choose DataMiner for the end-to-end monitoring, orchestration and process automation of their operation.”

In the coming weeks, Skyline will be unveiling more details about all individual cloud modules, capabilities, and services they are launching.