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Skyline Communications presents the latest 9.5 release of dataminer at ibc 2016

Skyline Communications, showcases the new 9.5 release of its flagship DataMiner network management and OSS platform during IBC 2016.

“Today, everything revolves around owning the user experience in a rapidly evolving market with ever more complex technology. To achieve this goal and run a successful operation, end-to-end network management is increasingly instrumental,” said Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “Tapping into your entire operation end to end, across any vendor and technology boundaries, being able to accurately measure and track both the user experience that you deliver and your high-level business objectives, and easily and efficiently orchestrating your technology assets accordingly, these are undeniable prerequisites to being successful these days.”

DataMiner system interface

At IBC 2016, Skyline Communications will demonstrate how the latest ground-breaking release of its global leading end-to-end network management platform DataMiner makes it possible to manage operations more easily and efficiently than ever before. This includes innovative new solutions to effectively deal with the new challenges brought along by major recent industry technology evolutions such as the transition to IP-based ecosystems, software-based products and leveraging off-premise cloud solutions. DataMiner provides unprecedented visibility on user experience, and enables unrivaled orchestration, and this even in the most complex and versatile technology ecosystems.

“Whereas in the past, the DNA of your business was basically defined by the actual technology infrastructure you deployed, nowadays that DNA is very much defined by the business models you design, and by the degree to which you are successful in leveraging the wealth of technology available in your underlying infrastructure to make those business models a reality,” said Steven Soenens, Product Marketing Director. “Within that context it is a given that the next-generation end-to-end NMS/OSS plays a vital role in the future of any operation. It is one of the most strategic assets of any operator, enabling not only the proactive management of an entire operation end to end, across vendor and technology boundaries, but also the end-to-end orchestration of the operation, more efficiently than ever before.”

Visitors at IBC 2016 will be able to witness the latest innovations introduced in DataMiner 9.5, such as the DataMiner Virtualization Engine, which provides vendor-agnostic virtualization of system resources, the DataMiner Service & Resource Manager, which allows the easy and intuitive deployment of the most complex services end to end, across any vendor and technology boundaries, the brand-new DataMiner Cloud Platform, the DataMiner OSS Gateway, DataMiner Advanced Analytics, the DataMiner KQI (Key Quality Index) Manager, the all-new next-generation DataMiner Reports & Dashboards solution, and much more.

DataMiner system 95 interface