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Skyline Communications IABM BaM Awards Finalist

Skyline Communications, has been shortlisted for the IABM Broadcast and Media Awards™ 2018 in the “manage” category after being selected as a finalist out of more than 100 submissions. Widely recognized as the global leading operational cross-vendor and cross-technology network management and orchestration environment for the media and entertainment industry, DataMiner is the perfect fit for true end-to-end media flow and service orchestration in SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 ALL-IP infrastructures with the latest release of its Service and Resource Management (SRM) suite.

IABM awards 2018 finalist

The unsurpassed “DataMiner Media Flow and Service Orchestration” solution for uncompressed media-over-IP infrastructures is the only solution for scheduled and ad-hoc switching of media flows that unconditionally interfaces with any vendor or technology, and natively integrates third-party SDN controllers designed for live production. In addition, DataMiner is not limited to media flow orchestration exclusively, but it also interacts with the functions and the business management layer of an operation, including ticketing, billing and scheduling systems resulting in a highly integrated workflow.

Providing full monitoring and real-time management transparently across all involved products (both broadcast and IT, hardware and software), including broadcast IP devices like IP multi-viewers and monitors, cameras, graphics devices, video servers, video and audio processing devices, IP network infrastructure, storage nodes, etc., is the indispensable foundation that truly orchestrates and leverages the full potential of a media-over-IP installation. It provides permanent real-time consolidated insights into the overall availability, capabilities and limitations of an all-IP facility, down to each individual physical and virtual resource. Only this way can the entire all-IP platform be orchestrated and the connections between senders and receivers established in a highly dynamic fashion.

DataMiner Service and Resource Management (SRM) is at the heart of the media-over-IP solution. DataMiner SRM consists of 7 highly integrated DataMiner modules that together form a state-of-the-art, multi-vendor service orchestration platform. This is a real game changer going way beyond anything else previously available in the industry. DataMiner interfaces with all IP edge devices and switch vendors, independent of the vendor, technology or protocols. Switch commands can be scheduled ahead of time or executed as quickly as possible with DataMiner’s integrated software router control panels. Optionally DataMiner can interface with existing SDN controllers and let them execute the switch commands in a controlled environment.

“Being nominated as a finalist for this prestigious award underlines the very unique value proposition of our DataMiner Media Flow and Service Orchestration proposition, and how it fundamentally redefines the way broadcast operators can drive their operation,” commented Thomas Gunkel, Market Director Broadcast at Skyline Communications.  “With the broadcast and media industry going through tremendous changes, it is essential to continuously adapt and integrate new emerging technologies on the fly in an ongoing operation. A flexible and powerful end-to-end monitoring and orchestration technology has undeniably become one of the most strategic assets for broadcast and media companies. Only with that will they be able to fully leverage the flexibility of any media-over-IP infrastructure to deliver innovative media services in line with the most optimal business models and the principles of an agile operation.”