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Skyline Communications heralds innovations culminating into a new generation of DataMiner solutions

Skyline Communications, the world's leading provider of end-to-end vendor- and domain-agnostic digital transformation platforms, is rolling out a wealth of new DataMiner solutions. These will enable operators within the ICT media and broadband industry to increase their value proposition in a new data-driven and cloudified future.

The key ingredients for this new generation of DataMiner solutions are collaboration, cloud, artificial intelligence, orchestration, and process automation. Moreover, all these features are built on a sophisticated data acquisition and control plane. This fundamental layer ensures that you can easily integrate with new data sources and products at any point in time, and that you can do this in a scalable manner, without any impact on the entire software stack on top.

"While there’s a lot to be said about the very exciting features and capabilities of each of these solutions individually, the real power and value comes when you combine them. Each solution amplifies the value of the others because of the way they have been integrated by design," commented Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. "This mirrors the transformation we see in the world around us, where there is also a culmination of various individual technology innovations."

DataMiner Solutions

The need for innovation

Like many other industries, the media and broadband industry is constantly evolving because of changing business models, changing working habits, changing consumer behavior and expectations, and, of course, changing technologies. However, these new, transformational technologies aren’t only part of the solution, they also pose many new challenges to data-driven businesses.

"The redefining nature of the technology evolutions emerging across the industry over the past years made it clear that our users would soon be facing an entirely new set of challenges, and they would crave innovative solutions to deal with this," continued Ben Vandenberghe. "Just look at the ever-growing underlying complexity of an operation, the indispensable need to continuously evolve workflows, the far more distributed makeup of a typical operation, the ever-increasing risks related to cyber security, and the strategic need to run an operation across multiple cloud platforms and technology domains."

That’s why, for several years now, Skyline has been meticulously designing and developing the foundations for some very ambitious innovations that can ensure DataMiner users will deliver exceptional ICT media and broadband services to their customers. "These innovations will truly redefine how our users manage their next-gen operation end to end, straight across all vendor, domain and technology boundaries, and across resources on the ground and in the cloud," according to Ben Vandenberghe.

Transformation through innovation

Over the past years, Skyline has earned a strong reputation of being innovative. And now, as a culmination of all these efforts, the company can boast a truly transformational platform. Out of the box and by design, DataMiner addresses key challenges, such as security, complexity, and multi-cloud architecture. At the same time, it also provides a pronounced open architecture with powerful enabling capabilities that empower users to evolve easily and continuously. “In that sense, DataMiner has become one of the most valuable strategic assets for our users, as it enables them to tap into the full potential of all the other underlying transformational technologies, such as cloud, virtualized products, all-IP, and much more,” concluded Ben.


DataMiner Solutions

DataMiner Data Acquisition & Control Layer

Any data-driven operation relies on a unified data acquisition and control plane that empowers users to integrate with new data sources easily and quickly. DataMiner is unrivaled in this respect, supporting any type of data or interface, including both standard and proprietary protocols, structured and unstructured data, file indexing-based processing, streaming data and much more. All this is possible transparently across on-premises and cloud infrastructure. The open-source model, the accompanying professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Visual Studio, and the CI/CD capabilities make it a perfect fit to establish a powerful and unified DevOps data engineering operation. DataMiner is also the only solution in the industry where the data integration results in a real-time, fully standardized and secured digital twin of the entire operation, a vital asset for mission-critical operations. Once a data source has been integrated in the digital twin, it can be easily leveraged with maximum convenience throughout the entire DataMiner System and even beyond, with third-party apps.

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DataMiner Cloud Platform 

With the public DataMiner Cloud Platform, a new cornerstone of the DataMiner ecosystem, Skyline offers its users all the common cloud advantages, including ultimate convenience, powerful off-the-shelf capabilities and integrations, and of course also on-demand use and continuous scaling. However, users are completely free to choose whether they deploy DataMiner on the ground or in the cloud, or in a tailored hybrid fashion, without having to make any compromises with respect to features and capabilities. This results in a unique, innovative proposition compared to the limited options typically offered in the industry in general.

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DataMiner Collaboration 

In an ever more distributed operational context with agile teams, valuable operational data must be integrated seamlessly with everyday human collaboration workflows. By design, DataMiner offers unprecedented novel ways to achieve this, in a secure and scalable manner. Irrespective of where the data originated from, once it is plugged into the DataMiner digital twin, users have it available at their fingertips. They can not only access the data in common collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, but can also instantly share it with anybody via visually appealing real-time updated dashboards or for example through tailored webhooks.

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DataMiner Orchestration 

In a context of continuous evolution and on-demand utilization of resources, to establish a next-gen operation you need sophisticated orchestration with full awareness of availability, capabilities and capacity of resources. DataMiner offers its users an open-architecture orchestration and automation solution that goes beyond anything else available in the industry. The solution enables the conversion of any third-party technology into standard functions, resulting in powerful virtualization that cuts across any vendor, technology, and domain boundaries, from the ground to the cloud, and across different cloud providers.

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DataMiner Process Automation

To successfully achieve Digital Transformation objectives, it is essential to be able to automate processes end to end and to monitor and evolve them continuously. Just like for orchestration, here too DataMiner offers its users a completely open-architecture solution in line with BPMN and with unrivaled capabilities, supporting both technology and human-oriented activities. The latter provides a unique opportunity for users to bring their automation to the next level, transparently cutting across the entire operation

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DataMiner Augmented Operation 

In a data-driven world, AI plays a key role to ensure that the overabundance of operational data can be leveraged to the fullest extent. Out of the box, DataMiner Augmented Operation provides capabilities that automatically take any data plugged into the digital twin into account, irrespective of where the data originates from. Today, DataMiner Augmented Operation already includes powerful metric forecasting, anomaly detection, proactive alarming, alarm filtering, incident identification, automated data tagging and much more. It heralds a new generation of intelligent operational management platforms, which drastically reduce operational costs and enable users to manage their operation in a far more proactive manner.

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