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New DataMiner Learning and Certification Program

Skyline Communications, the global leader in AI-powered end-to-end network management and orchestration solutions for the media and broadband ICT industry, announces a new Learning & Certification Program as part of its DataMiner Cloud Platform. The most notable change is that all DataMiner training programs are now available online free of charge in the Dojo Community. At the same time, the training offering has also been considerably extended to cover additional expert topics in depth, such as data ingest and control plane engineering, the new DataMiner Dashboards, automation workflow design, and more. On top of that, Skyline also has a new Certification Program, enabling organizations and individuals to formally attest their expertise across all relevant domains.


As the media and broadband ICT industry is being catapulted into a new reality, the strategic value of a genuinely independent and vendor-agnostic end-to-end management and orchestration solution has risen to the top of everybody’s priority list. Unsurprisingly, DataMiner is now being adopted by an ever faster growing number of media and broadband operators around the world. This is in the first place because of its unique and unrivaled multi-vendor capabilities and the genuinely independent nature of the platform, which enables it to be easily deployed across any vendor, technology and domain boundaries. But equally important is the fact that DataMiner features a very pronounced open architecture, allowing any third party to design, create and deploy solutions themselves, on the fly and in a continuous manner. This is what enables organizations to grow towards a much needed DevOps-style agile operation.

“Media and broadband operators are going through a major transformation, in which agility is one of the most important keywords. This has implications on pretty much every aspect of the business, both with respect to technology and to organization. One of the reasons for the success of our DataMiner software platform is its unique open architecture, as it is an enabler for organizations to evolve towards a much more agile DevOps approach,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “As part of the DevOps operation, team members can integrate new data sources from their operation on the fly, design and evolve automation and orchestration workflows, evolve graphical user interfaces, and much more. It is important to generously support those teams with knowledge, also in an agile manner.”

“We focused on maximum agility. Making all training content, without exception, available online free of charge ensures that everybody has maximum access to knowledge. Currently, this already amounts to over 100 hours of high-quality in-depth training delivered by seasoned subject-matter experts, and it builds upon the years of expertise in training that we have already delivered to over 20,000 professionals in the industry,” added Emma Saldi, who developed the online training program at Skyline Communications. “While the training content is very comprehensive, it is also entirely sliced up into bite-size topics. So while the learning paths enable somebody to start from scratch and go all the way to becoming a Certified Expert, at their own pace and in their own time, seasoned people can also benefit considerably by brushing up on specific topics on the fly whenever they need it.”

“The accompanying Certification Program is a brand-new program, which further supports the organizations that invest in our technology, ensuring that knowledge is mastered by their appointed subject-matter experts and that they can get the maximum out of the almost limitless possibilities of the DataMiner platform. Certification is performed on a very personal and individual basis, and consists of a broad range of assignments and individual assessments, conducted by a Skyline Subject Matter Expert,” concluded Emma Saldi.