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Launch of DataMiner 7.5 at IBC 2012

Skyline Communications, global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management solutions for the IPTV, HFC broadband, broadcast and satellite industry, announces the launch of DataMiner 7.5 at the IBC2012 exhibition in Amsterdam. This major new release of the renowned DataMiner end-to-end network management platform is set to redefine again how operators can manage their entire operational ecosystem end-to-end across all vendor and technology boundaries.

Amongst the many enhancements, DataMiner 7.5 will bring its users a new innovative and user-centric approach on notifications, a greatly enhanced service management layer, the introduction of DataMiner Applications that will empower advanced out-of-the-box solutions for a wealth of popular products and technologies, new add-ons for the correlation engine making the platform more intelligent than ever before, a complete suite of mobile applications extending the reach of DataMiner to any mobile device platform, and much more.

“These are very exciting times again for Skyline. We have spent a tremendous amount of development resources on this release, and that clearly shows when you see the result. As the global leader in multi-vendor network management for IPTV, satellite, broadcast and HFC broadband infrastructures, we have a strong reputation of leading the way and setting the benchmark on how complex technology ecosystems can be managed more efficiently than ever before,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, Sales & Marketing Director at Skyline Communications. “And that's exactly what this release is all about again. We are bringing for example a very unique unified user experience, across different platforms. As you roam between work stations and mobile devices, DataMiner 7.5 will offer you a seamless experience. In other words, whatever mobile device you are working with, you will be able to monitor any active device in your operational system, irrespective what vendor it is from. And even control those devices, view performance graphs, manage alerts and much more. Apple, Microsoft, Google or Research in Motion, we have you fully covered for any of the mobile phones or tablets you use.”

DataMiner Applications is an entirely new framework within the DataMiner network management system, which will enable designing out-of-the-box product- or technology-specific applications. These DataMiner Applications will be designed by Subject Matter Expert teams, composed by both our own DataMiner experts and product experts from various leading vendors. This technology is going to bring the concept of consolidated open-architecture multi-vendor network management to a complete new level. In addition to some product specific solutions, which will be announced at a later stage, DataMiner 7.5 will offer our customers for example an advanced IP Network Manager DataMiner Application. This application will offer advanced capabilities to auto-discover end-to-end IP networks, to manage complex IP network configurations, to monitor IT assets and services, and much more. In other words, full-blown professional IP network management, fully integrated in the end-to-end broadcast network management platform. An indispensable asset for anybody active in IPTV, HFC broadband, satellite or broadcast these days.

Also the DataMiner Service Management gets a complete overhaul in DataMiner 7.5, with a large number of advanced new capabilities. DataMiner Service Management is responsible for the run-time aggregation and translation of device information into service-oriented information. The technology is used today to manage a wide variety of services in IPTV, satellite, broadcast and HFC broadband environments. It enables operators to instantly see the impact of infrastructure incidents on a service level, and to take the appropriate actions to safeguard their revenues.

DataMiner is today the leading multi-vendor network management solution, deployed by many hundreds of leading operators in more than 75 countries across the globe, managing and controlling some of the most prestigious IPTV, broadcast, HFC broadband and satellite ecosystems. Currently DataMiner is already integrated with more than 2500 products from more than 350 industry vendors, which constitutes by far the most extensive multi-vendor solution ever available.

“At the eve of IBC2012, and with the exciting DataMiner 7.5 release at the horizon, we are also proud to announce again a record growth in both revenue and new customer accounts. The market is now clearly shifting very quickly towards unified network management, driven by the need to reduce operational expenses while maintaining the highest possible quality of service and end-user experience,” added Ben Vandenberghe. “And the results in terms of reducing operational expenditure that our customers report back to us are just staggering. DataMiner enables them to reduce training and administration cost, to automate procedures to recover from network and device failures, to intelligently cross-correlate events and reduce the mean-time-to-repair, to slash down the number of calls that a help desk has to process, to move from a reactive to a proactive way of working, to eliminate many thousands of expensive truck roll outs, and much more.”