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deutsche telekom leaping ahead with dataminer

Skyline Communications, global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management solutions for the satellite, broadcast, IPTV and HFC broadband industry, announces that the German telco-giant Deutsche Telekom has deployed the DataMiner multi-vendor network management platform for the end-to-end management of its Entertain TV headends in Usingen and Ismaning.

The Entertain TV platform feeds services to well over 2 million TV subscribers. The DataMiner deployment fits in the company’s overall strategy to move away from its previous-generation legacy management platforms, towards an open-architecture, independent end-to-end multi-vendor network management platform.

The DataMiner platform currently already spans across more than 50 different types of devices, supplied by a variety of industry vendors, including both operational devices and quality of service monitoring products. It provides operators with a comprehensive consolidated cross-vendor overview of the status of all systems and full remote control of all components via a single intuitive user interface.

Moving Images Technologies at Products & Innovations is responsible for the DataMiner integration at Deutsche Telekom. "The flexibility of the system and the open-minded engineering approach were the two main enablers for the successful implementation of our huge set of requirements," said T. Kursawe, Project Manager at the Media Delivery and Distribution department.

Deutsche Telekom is also extensively leveraging the DataMiner Service Management layer, which provides a powerful cross-vendor service perspective on the operation. The DataMiner Service Management layer includes a highly dynamic and full interactive graphical service flow presentation, as well as instant service impact analysis to facilitate fault management in complex environments. The DataMiner Business layer then further enables operators to track the historical consolidated performance of those services in real-time, and to weigh those against the pre-defined expectations of the operator, enabling a proactive management from a business perspective.

"DataMiner enables operators such as Deutsche Telekom to quite fundamentally redefine how they manage their ecosystems, which are typically very heterogeneous, complex and always evolving. The consolidation of multiple legacy network management systems brings along considerable benefits such as a reduction of operational cost and - even more important these days - an increased overall quality of service," commented Glenn D'Haene, Business Development Manager at Skyline Communications. "But DataMiner goes even way beyond that, and it offers our customers significantly more added value than any other solution because of its unique pronounced open architecture, which enables operators to instantly respond to evolving requirements and to create highly integrated solutions."

DataMiner DTAG interface
DataMiner DTAG interface
Interface intergrated infrastructure
DataMiner DTAG interface