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DataMiner technology powers Sony’s Live Element Orchestrator

Skyline Communications, the global leader in AI-powered end-to-end multi-vendor network management, orchestration and OSS software solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry is proud to announce that Skyline Communications collaborated with Sony Imaging Products and Solutions Inc. (Sony) in the development of their new Live Element Orchestrator, its first system orchestration solution, to increase the performance and utilization of resources as well as to reduce the system downtime, further improving productivity in content production.

Sony Live Element Orchestrator (LEO)

“Sony has driven rapid global adoption of its IP Live Production System including system cameras, video switchers and servers with IP capability as well as the development of the IP Live System Manager. As a result, Sony has already proven itself to more than 50 OB trucks/studio systems around the world,” said Masakazu Murata, General Manager Media Solution Business Division at Sony. “Our first-ever Live Element Orchestrator performs the overall system management of an IP-based production system including third-party solutions. In this development, Skyline Communications’ DataMiner was adopted as a core technology. Skyline Communications is a leading manufacturer of network management and orchestration solutions with advanced technology and accumulated expertise. We are delighted to develop our Live Element Orchestrator in collaboration with them and we believe that this collaboration offers further value and operability to our customers who are investing in IP-based live production."

Skyline Communications from their end is very honored with Sony’s selection of the DataMiner technology to build the new Live Element Orchestrator.

“We are extremely excited that our multi-vendor DataMiner technology was selected by Sony as orchestration engine for their new Live Element Orchestrator solution,” said Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “DataMiner’s highly pronounced open architecture is indeed part of its unrivaled signature. But what is more, by leveraging our engines, our partners and customers can also benefit from a wealth of other unsurpassed features and capabilities. A good example is the fully integrated artificial intelligence, which is vital to manage all-IP and highly virtualized ecosystems easily, efficiently and even proactively. We coined this paradigm DataMiner Augmented Operation, as it allows operators to focus on managing the operation and preventing issues instead of having to resolve them. We believe that with the choice to include DataMiner in the development of their Live Element Orchestrator solution, Sony’s customers will be provided with an unmatched unified and truly end-to-end solution.”