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DataMiner supplies an automated RF interference monitoring system for 5G and satellite for a tier-1 satellite operator

Skyline Communications, global leading provider of end-to-end vendor- and domain-agnostic digital transformation solutions for the ICT media and broadband industry, is proud to announce that a major global tier-1 satellite operator selected Skyline’s DataMiner platform to support its migration from the 3.7 to the 4.0 GHz band. This migration followed the FCC ruling that repurposes this part of the lower end of the C-band for 5G services.

automated RF interference monitoring system

“With a tight schedule to meet FCC deadlines, and potentially millions of dollars in liability if these deadlines were not met, this is a project where DataMiner has absolutely made the difference,” said Roger Bijos, Sales Director at Skyline Communications. “The partnership with Skyline assured compliance towards the deadlines set out in the FCC’s report and order. It drove not only the launch of additional satellites and the relocation of payload, but also the installation of additional filters in ground stations to prevent interference from 5G mobile services.”

The scope of the project was almost immediately extended with the ability for DataMiner to also enable detection of interference from 5G and identify the cell site associated with the interference. Moreover, dedicated portals ease and accelerate installation, (re)alignment, detection, and remediation of 5G ingress for both the engineering and operations teams and for contractors across the US. These portals eliminate the need to interact with each of the systems involved in these processes. It is also possible to embed fully automated processes that can only be finished successfully when the setup complies with the mandatory performance thresholds, which significantly reduces the risk of human error.

Roger added, “Skyline’s DataMiner cloud-first approach and open APIs enable our partners and customers to benefit greatly from their investment through the DataMiner Cloud Platform. We’re proud to be able to facilitate the work of hundreds of people and actively support the quality of service for over a million homes already. With the expansion of our partnership with this tier-1 satellite operator beyond teleports, we are thrilled to see DataMiner taking on even more roles here than before.”