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DataMiner selected to manage hybrid stb services for over 2 million households in east africa

Skyline Communications, global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS software solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry, announces that DataMiner CPE Manager has been selected by a major service provider to manage a new network of interactive set-top boxes spanning across one of Africa’s biggest markets. The new network will provide over 2 million households with premium HD channels and on-demand online content, 3G/4G Internet browsing, a built-in WiFi hotspot, and more.

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The end-to-end system is provided by SatCab, the leading systems integrator for professional digital video solutions in Portugal. Martin Jahn, founder and CEO of SatCab commented, “This project leverages SatCab’s almost 20 years of experience in telecommunication projects, as well as its knowledge of the African market and its specific needs.” DataMiner CPE Manager is at the heart of the system, providing real-time health monitoring of the entire population of STBs, full control and multiple OSS functions.

“We are proud that DataMiner CPE Manager has been selected. DataMiner is unique in that it can manage and monitor multiple millions of STBs along with the rest of the network infrastructure. Operators will be able to view real-time and historic KPIs, such as the reception quality of the entire population of STBs, logically aggregated per cell,” says Ben Vandenberghe, CEO of Skyline Communications. “Several operational support services are provided by DataMiner, including reporting of QoE stats, inventory overview of the full population of STBs and their versions, firmware update management, and even subscriber notification services.”

DataMiner CPE Manager has already been successfully deployed in multiple service provider networks. As explained in the Skyline Solution Guide on unified operations of network and CPE, DataMiner CPE Manager allows operators to perform real pro-active maintenance of the network before service outages occur. As such, customers enjoy a better quality of experience, while operators reduce operational costs significantly. DataMiner scales from small networks to large tier-1 networks with multiple millions of CPE devices.