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DataMiner to enhance VSAT service management at Orange

Skyline Communications, the global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS software solutions for the broadband and media ICT industry, announces that Orange, a major telecom operator with more than 262 million customers worldwide, has recently deployed the award-winning DataMiner system. 

Orange’s diverse customer base can count on top-of-the-line quality services and highly customized VSAT satellite solutions. Their excellent service delivery is partly due to the fact that Orange continuously strives to improve and further optimize their operational process.
This immediately explains the deployment of DataMiner, as Orange now has a top-notch solution that enables them to efficiently deliver the highest quality of real-time data sharing, supporting their regional customers even better than they already did.

VSAT Orange - DataMiner

“As a global network-native digital services company, we at Orange place data at the core of our expertise,” comments Jessy Asmar, head of Satellite Factory at Orange. “With Skyline’s DataMiner platform, we’ve found a state-of-the-art solution to collect, visualize and analyze our satellite networks data. In addition, it shows impressive potential, especially with the embedded AI, which will surely benefit our customers.”

DataMiner’s proven track record when it comes to managing VSAT networks, no matter how complex they are, is becoming widely known, as is the understanding among companies that a professional end-to-end platform such as DataMiner is absolutely key to stay on top of the challenges in the industry. It’s not only about what happens in their operation today. A long-term vision is at least as important to run a reliable and successful business.

“With DataMiner in place, Orange is prepared for change, no matter what happens in the future or what operational decisions they might make. What’s more, they also have complete freedom to choose at any time with which technology vendors they want to work,” added Alexis Luherne, Regional Account Manager for France and North Africa at Skyline. “That is one of the many unique guarantees our platform offers, and it’s also why so many leaders in the media and satellite industry all over the world turn to us.”