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DataMiner awarded best NMS & orchestration solution at IBC

Skyline Communications is very pleased to announce that their renowned DataMiner platform has won the CSI Awards 2018 in the category “best monitoring or network management solution” at IBC. Skyline impressed the judges with the AI-powered DataMiner Augmented Operations, and demonstrates once again that the DataMiner end-to-end multi-vendor network management and orchestration solution is truly unrivaled.

“Skyline’s extremely happy with this prestigious award. This is the result of our continuous and relentless efforts to redefine how broadcast and media companies can manage and orchestrate their entire operation end to end, literally across any vendor and technology boundaries, and to continue to be a real trail blazer. And that’s one of the many reasons that so many broadcast and media companies around the world partner up with Skyline,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “The fact that we have that track record of continuous innovation, combined with the fact that we are a truly vendor-independent partner of our customers, which eliminates all potential conflicts of interest, is of huge strategic value for broadcast and media companies. In today’s changing environments, it is so essential to constantly adapt and integrate new emerging technologies on the fly in a true devops style. Our DataMiner provides that ability, along with many other strategical advantages.”

Skyline’s DataMiner is the only NMS and OSS platform on the market that leverages state-of-the-art big data and artificial intelligence technology. At IBC 2018, the spotlight is put on DataMiner Augmented Operations, which truly unlocks proactive management. The cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology is built into the core of the network management fabric and creates an omnipresent intelligent entity that is particularly designed to operate in a highly contextual and real-time fashion. There’s no doubt that these innovative DataMiner features made the decision of the CSI Awards judges much easier.