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belgacom deploys dataminer as top management layer for its satellite services

Izegem, Belgium - Skyline announced that Belgacom, a leading supplier of professional telecommunications solutions in Belgium, implemented the DataMiner platform as he top management layer for its satellite services. This prestigious multi-million Euro contract confirms the momentum gained by DataMiner as the preferred umbrella solution for the management and control of satellite, broadcast and HFC broadband infrastructures. The contract embodies the supply of a monitoring and control solution, spanning across every single aspect of the Belgacom satellite activities, and a package of associated engineering, consultancy and support services.

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DataMiner is now being used for the centralized monitoring and control of a state-of-the-art infrastructure, concentrated in two main teleports, and various remote hubs across different continents. “The DataMiner implementation at Belgacom ties together over 600 devices from over 65 different vendors, and several sub-system element management solutions. All those devices are now fully SNMP compliant, and can be remotely controlled via a comprehensive web interface. Thousands of parameters are constantly trended and analyzed with a uniquely fine granularity, statistical reports are generated on a scheduled bases or event triggered. The DMS Correlation Engine is deployed for the correlation of raw alarm events, and DMS Automation provides automated implementation of several existing operation processes,” said Koen Cools, DMS Account Manager at Skyline Communications. “Today, this complete infrastructure, with a pronounced heterogeneous profile, is managed from a single platform, and by policy every new piece added is first integrated and qualified prior to deployment. Aside from the supply of our DataMiner solutions, Skyline was awarded a contract for several of its professional services to leverage the project. Our DMS Application Engineering Team provided engineering support, and is today also responsible for the execution of the maintenance agreement, which includes day-to-day back-office assistance with the operations of the system. To truly optimize the return on this investment, Skyline was also responsible for the training of over 50 Belgacom staff members, including engineering, administrators and ROC operators.”

“The Skyline DataMiner technology enables Belgacom to truly capture their extensive satellite operations in a single screen, using a platform with a pronounced open architecture and provides Belgacom with the guarantee that they will be able to integrate any new pieces in a matter of days. Today Belgacom can control every aspect of the infrastructure from their ROC center in Brussels, where DataMiner is also linked with Belgacom's trouble ticket system,” added Ben Vandenberghe, Sales Director at Skyline Communications. “Because of the extensive array of professional tools such as the DMS Reporting and the trending tools, Belgacom can now pinpoint emerging issues before they even affect the quality of their services. Belgacom has a leading position in the satellite services market, and with DataMiner they can further increase the quality they offer to their customers.”

About DataMiner

DataMiner is the most innovative and cost-effective monitoring and control solution, specifically designed for the HFC broadband, satellite, broadcast and telecom industry to remotely manage and control every aspect of the technical infrastructure. DataMiner offers you the ultimate scalability, and is capable of handling everything from small systems to large, corporate deployments. DataMiner features an open, standards-based architecture based on advanced web interfaces, and renders all your proprietary devices into fully SNMP compatible units. DataMiner can be interfaced with any third party device, independent it's interface, and drivers can be modified or created by anybody.

About Skyline Communications

Skyline Communications is a leading company, providing the HFC broadband, broadcast, satellite and telecom industry with state-of-the-art, professional products and services. For 20 years now, Skyline Communications has been active in these markets, gaining a unique experience in the fields of data communications, telecommunications, RF engineering, optical communications, network powering, software engineering, etc. Skyline is a market leader in the field of advanced monitoring and control solutions, passives for HFC broadband network, including LEQ's, outdoor taps, addressable outdoor taps, etc.