Engineering Services

Developing drivers or provisioning your entire DataMiner OSS environment to deliver a ready-to-use environment - it’s all available for you today via our engineering services. This includes the design and implementation of intelligent system behavior via DMS Automation, Correlation and Reporter to deliver the exact system behavior that you are looking for.

driver development

With the DataMiner® System, anybody can develop drivers, because open source XML language is used. But you can also rely on our Experienced Application Engineering team to quickly and efficiently integrate any of your third-party devices. Our skilled team will help you get the maximum out of your device in a matter of days, and can quickly implement extra calculated parameters.

Today, Skyline already has a vast number of drivers available for various third-party devices. However, it is of little importance whether a driver has already been developed for your device or not, as integrating a new third-party device into our DataMiner System is a simple everyday task. The Skyline DataMiner Application Engineering team is currently working at a rate of about 200 new drivers/year. Our current library includes devices from over 600 vendors.

More about the integrated vendors.

Advantages of the dataminer drivers

Designed in an open, easily accessible XML-based format, so that anybody can modify existing drivers or build new drivers from scratch

Extensive features, usable for any proprietary protocol, without need of any programming languages

In addition, one can use the DMS driver to design and create a custom web interface, which meets the personal requirements of individual users

Added intelligence in the driver allows you to develop new functionality on top of the functionality offered by the device itself

Advanced conditional polling routines can be used to ensure that essential data is retrieved at high speed, while less relevant data is retrieved less frequently, or even on demand only

An advanced overlay feature enables you to make driver changes in separate XML files, thereby protecting the integrity of your original drivers while you maintain a complete library of different driver versions

Embedded SNMP functionality allows quick creation of SNMP-compatible protocols, without worrying about the actual SNMP protocol, but still with a maximum degree of flexibility

We deliver the exact system behavior that you are looking for