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DataMiner for Service Providers:
Revolutionize your network management

Service Providers are leveraging a diverse range of access technologies to connect with subscribers and ensure seamless connectivity. Alongside the reliable DOCSIS 3.1 and the upcoming 4.0, cable companies also enhance their offerings with FTTx and 4G/5G fixed wireless access. However, operating in such an environment presents significant challenges for operators and field engineers when it comes to configuring, monitoring networks, and ensuring optimal customer experience. That's where DataMiner comes in.

Transform data into insights

Proactive management hinges on a vast array of data points, and this is precisely where DataMiner sets itself apart from the competition. Its Data Aggregation solution empowers network operations centers (NOCs) and quality management teams to gather data from any network and customer premises equipment (CPE) device, transforming it into actionable insights. This is accomplished through highly interactive dashboards that allow visualizing results, tracking service level agreements (SLAs), and calculating quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) metrics.

Quality of Experience

Streamline your workflows

As network configurations become more complex and digitized supply chains demand highly automated workflows, DataMiner rises to the occasion with its new RPD provisioning feature. This functionality streamlines even the most intricate provisioned workflows, simplifying processes through DataMiner Process Automation.


Powerful unified control center

DataMiner goes beyond cable management and offers comprehensive management of cable, IPTV, and OTT channel lineups. It seamlessly orchestrates video and data headends, core IP distribution, converged interconnect networks (CIN), and content delivery networks (CDNs). In essence, DataMiner serves as a unified control center, enabling effortless deployment, operation, and management of your cable plant.

Channel Management

Get inspired by some of our popular use cases:

Field power supply manager for cable companies

DataMiner efficiently manages thousands of field power supplies spread across extensive territories, enabling remote testing, advanced diagnostics, and fault forecasting. This approach has led to substantial savings by reducing the need for truck rolling, ensuring prompt deployment of teams, and enhancing communication among crews, thereby boosting operational efficiency. Bi-directional communication between DataMiner and HMS Power Supplies, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6, is facilitated. Additionally, the solution enables monitoring, remote testing, capacity planning, and proactive maintenance of external networks.

Quality of Experience Monitoring – QoE / EPM

Consolidated QoE reporting encompasses a full suite of video services, including live, catch up, start over, and VOD. These services are delivered through multiple delivery schemes such as DVB-C, IPTV, and OTT, utilizing various access technologies like coax, fiber, and 5G. The content is consumed over a range of devices including set-top boxes, mobile devices, SmartTVs, or AppleTV. This solution can connect with any data source to ingest counters and metrics, including capturing streaming data from a Kafka bus among others. It offers powerful data aggregation and analytics capabilities. Additionally, it provides great and interactive dashboarding features.

Monitoring QoS of Live OTT Streaming

We can monitor Quality of Service metrics of live OTT streams across geographic regions through DataMiner’s Telestream Live ABR Monitoring integration. In this example, we used the node-edge visualization component, which comes out-of-the box in the DataMiner Dashboards module, to give a quick overview of the QoS state of the active streams in the different regions.

Media Asset Management

The DataMiner Media Asset Management application is constructed using DataMiner Object Models (DOM) and the DataMiner Low-Code Apps framework. It interfaces with the various components comprising your Media Asset Management (MAM) system. This facilitates support for the entire team of administrators and operators involved in this process. This ensures customer satisfaction and safeguards linked revenue streams.

Data and Control - the fuel and key to success

Data from and control over your resources are your most valuable assets to achieve success in an ever-changing world where flexible but reliable technology is key.

Yet, this requires thorough vetting and processing before it can be turned into the real, tangible value we know to be so essential. That’s why DataMiner creates a real-time, fully standardized and secured digital twin of your entire operation, ensuring the streamlined management of your now easy-to-access operational, business, and technical data and controls.

Propel your business to new heights

From Live Dashboard Sharing to Storage as a Service, is designed to seamlessly propel your business into the digital age, equipping you with the tools to succeed in this rapidly evolving ICT media and broadband landscape. It's not just a service, it's a catalyst for digital transformation, driving your business toward a brighter, more connected future.

7000+ out-of-the-box connectors

DataMiner also provides unrestricted access to all products and data sources, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid, cutting across all domains, products, and interfaces. A unique catalog of 7000+ connectors is available out of the box.

Digitize your entire operation

DataMiner Object Modeling (DOM) empowers your DevOps squads to further extend DataMiner’s digital twin with ANY type of object imaginable, to organize your operation and business more efficiently than ever before. DataMiner users now have access to scheduling information, work orders, address books, contacts, costing and rating information, as well as any other relevant imaginable data, all from a single interface and through one unified workflow.

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BaM Awards 2024 Finalist

Harmonizing ICT and media for better planning, live operations, and file media operations

Transform your operations by creating a better, faster,
and more cost-effective environment that is enjoyable to work in!


Become an empowered creator

One of the key trends in the ICT media industry is the democratization of the development process of solutions, involving more and more individuals from across your organization in the process of delivering value towards your operational goals and objectives.

Transform into an empowered creator delivering value

The DataMiner DevOps Professional Program empowers ambitious DevOps Professionals — from code whisperers to no-code wizards — to unlock their full potential as innovative solution creators and value delivery experts.

Tailored coaching for your DevOps team

Our care-free DevOps Enablement Service package is tailored to your needs, providing organizations with skilled DevOps Professionals who can empower your team with the knowledge and skills to establish a productive and empowered DataMiner DevOps squad.

Leverage the power of the community

Exchange insights with a global community of peers, enjoy self-paced learning material, and dive into our documentation to create your own DataMiner solutions.

DataMiner DevOps Enablement Services

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