Want to find out how you can bring your operations to the next level?
Then you’re in luck, because this is your personal invitation to our exclusive DataMiner Spark event!
Come join us at New York, NYC Seminar and Conference Center on August 13.

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spark your imagination

DataMiner Spark places the spotlight firmly on our ground-breaking AI-powered DataMiner end-to-end management & orchestration platform. Powered up by a steaming cup of coffee or tea, we'll jump right into an overlook of the current state of affairs. This will be followed by a deep dive into the latest and greatest DataMiner features, with an exclusive glimpse of things to come. After an extensive lunch break, giving you a chance to decompress and catch up with your industry peers, we'll take a closer look at what the upcoming DataMiner developments mean for our Solutions, ending the day around 4 PM.

See you at DataMiner Spark!

august 13, 2019

09:00 AM

welcome breakfast
can’t start the day without some coffee or tea

10:00 AM

session 1
state of the union

11:00 AM

session 2
a glimpse of the future: DataMiner X

12:00 PM

lunch break

01:30 PM

session 3
DataMiner X and the DataMiner Solutions

02:30 PM

session 4
DataMiner Solutions & Augmented Operations


NYC Seminar and Conference Center
71 West 23rd Street
Suite 515
New York, NY 10010
Seminar Room C