DataMiner® Report Creator is a plug-in reporting solution for your DataMiner System, providing key functionality for operators to understand how their devices or system behave in varying time periods. This functionality is crucial to implement a well-founded operation strategy, and to identify for example bottlenecks in performance or capacity at certain points in the system, so that return on future investments can be optimized.

understand how your system behaves in user-defined time-spans

DataMiner Reporter (DMS-REP) provides operators with the key functionality to better understand how their systems behave in user-defined time spans. With DMS Reporter, operators have a wealth of statistics and operational metrics available, allowing them to pinpoint the weakest points in their system and make well-founded investment decisions. DMS Reporter comes as an out-of-the-box web-based environment offering powerful statistics based on active alarms, historical alarms, trend data, real-time data, etc.

With a single click of a button operators can get an overview of the top-ten devices generating the majority of alarm messages, detailed information about the duration of alarm events, the distribution of alarms over time, and much more.

publish any available statistical graph

Any of the statistical graphs provided by DMS Reporter can be used in any existing third-party web environment for publishing. This allows operators to publish targeted network management information on intranet webpages or online web portals, without the need to provide those users with access to the actual network management environment.

DMS Reporter also features a comprehensive report builder allowing operators to create custom report templates. These templates can then be used to automatically distribute professional email reports to different stakeholders. Email reports can be triggered by a time schedule or by events occurring in the operational system.

Key Facts

plug-in reporting solution for your DataMiner System

understand how devices or systems behave in varying time periods

identify bottlenecks in performance or capacity

automatic analysis based on alarm records, trend data, real-time data, etc.

Your Benefits

out-of-the-box solution

immediate web-based access to a wide variety of reports and graphs

crystal clear analysis graphs

Get the right data to the right people at the right time