DataMiner for Mobile Networks | DataMiner by Skyline Communications

DataMiner for Mobile Networks

DataMiner® is the leading converged network performance management solution deployed by mobile operators and managed service providers worldwide. Our platform has specifically been designed for consolidated end-to-end management of multi-vendor, multi-domain converged (mobile and fixed telephony, broadband internet and digital TV) networks. Using an integrated approach for real-time monitoring, performance management and network optimization, DataMiner has a proven track record involving many leading operators. Click here to see a list of our references.

The DataMiner solution provides a consolidated platform supporting any domain, technology and vendor. DataMiner integrates network quality and performance management for voice, video, IPTV and mobile with powerful customer experience management and data analytics. New services can be created, added, removed or modified quickly, easily and cost-effectively, enabling service providers to gain a strong market position through flexible and innovative service bundling.

Using off-the shelf tools like flexible real-time interfacing and reporting, best-in-class visualization, trending, alarm correlation, intelligent automation and service quality management, DataMiner allows a seamless adoption of the latest technologies like VoLTE, voice-over-WiFi and 5G for a seamless migration towards next-generation service deployment.

Quad-play Service Management

DataMiner provides network operators with a powerful, integrated solution for the effective management of their converged quad-play services. By offering an end-to-end, integrated solution across mobile and fixed telephony, broadband internet and digital TV, DataMiner provides a complete view from within one application. The integrated service assurance approach combines powerful network fault management, performance management and customer experience management with proactive service management, resulting in increased efficiency, QoS and SLA performance.

Customer Centricity

In addition, DataMiner’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) capabilities provide mobile network operators with the ultimate solution for monitoring and improving service quality and customer experience.

Today MNOs and managed service providers are capable of proactively measuring and correlating networks, cross-domain services and customers from within one platform, increasing Quality of Experience, and enabling the evolution towards a true customer-centric Service Operation Center.

One consolidated network management platform providing effective quad-play service management

Key Facts

one integrated solution offering consolidated E2E management across multi-domain, multi-technology converged networks.

highly flexible and intuitive dashboards and reports, consistently sourced from an integrated and consistent set of big data

advanced analytics engine offering behavioral anomaly detection, trend forecasting, correlation rule suggestion and intelligent data clustering

comprehensive network analysis, performance visibility, coverage pattern optimization and service quality management allow proactive system management and real-time service degradation detection and isolation


Your Benefits

measure and track your business objectives continuously across the most complex ecosystems

increase efficiency and lower operational expenditure thanks to reduced manual interventions and decrease of repetitive tasks

fast and accurate decision-making thanks to comprehensive dashboards and analytics

customer-centric, proactive system management resulting in improved QoS / QoE

easily adopt next-generation technologies and systems and decrease time-to-market for new services thanks to unrivaled integration capabilities

and much more