DataMiner for the hfc broadband

DataMiner, the leading network management solution, has been specifically designed for HFC broadband environments and offers professional solutions for real-time interfacing, trending, reporting, alarm correlation, email and SMS notification, automation, automated spectrum analysis, service-oriented management, confidence monitoring, etc. In this market section, DataMiner® has a proven track record involving various leading companies. Click here to see a list of our references.

HFC outdoor plant

Remote monitoring and controlling of amplifiers, optical nodes and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) via any legacy proprietary transponders, HMS compliant transponders and (Euro)DOCSIS / CM transponders, it is all covered by DataMiner. This results in major operational savings and keeps your options open for the future. Whatever technology you deployed in the past and wish to deploy in the future, it will all seamlessly come together in a single DataMiner user interface.

interactive digital television headends

Signal acquisition, backhaul, encoding, multiplexing, CAS—you name it and it's covered. DataMiner manages the most complex digital headends end to end, and offers powerful applications, including service management featuring real-time dynamic tracking of the service path. In addition, third-party test and measurement solutions, such as transport stream analyzers and recorders, can be integrated to implement true confidence monitoring.

transport backbone

No matter what backbone you use, irrespective of the supplier or technology, it can be managed with DataMiner, using intuitive graphical representations. Sophisticated DataMiner applications, such as DataMiner IP Network ManagerDataMiner Correlation Engine and DataMiner Automation Engine, allow you to further enhance the operational backbone system, for example with automated backup routines.

return path monitoring

With DataMiner you can integrate any third-party return path monitoring solution. Alternatively, you can opt to deploy DMS Spectrum Analysis and integrate any spectrum analyzer from any vendor. The latter alternative offers remote multi-user real-time interaction as well as continuous performance monitoring based on powerful user-defined measurement scripts.

HFC regional headends

Any device in your headend, from any vendor, irrespective of its interface, can be managed by DataMiner, including modulators, edge QAM devices, CMTS’s, backup power, RF switches, IRDs, etc. In addition, DataMiner allows you to integrate any test and measurement solution from any vendor to further increase the visibility on the service availability and quality.

Manage your entire HFC operation from the digital headend, across the outdoor network, to the subscriber’s home

Key Facts

real-time dynamic tracking of the service path

third-party test and measurement solutions can be integrated

intuitive graphical drawings

continuous performance monitoring based on powerful user-defined measurement scripts

Your Benefits

bring about major operational savings

enhance the operational backbone system

integrate any spectrum analyzer from any vendor