DataMiner Integration Studio

DataMiner® Integration Studio (DIS) is a brand-new solution that makes creating, updating, troubleshooting and publishing DataMiner Drivers easier and more efficient than ever before.

integrate any device from any vendor

Using extensive libraries with premade code snippets, DIS users can create drivers that can be published on a DataMiner System with a click of a button. While DataMiner is already integrated with many thousands of devices, now with DIS, the integration of any product from any vendor, regardless of interface or protocol required, is even further facilitated.

your DataMiner driver IDE

DataMiner Integration Studio offers a wealth of features and capabilities, including four purpose-built editors:

Code editor

a code editor, which features on-the-fly XML Schema validation and Intellisense

QAction editor

a QAction editor, which features full C# editing and debugging capabilities

Display editor

a display editor, which allows you to design Data Display pages using simple drag-and-drop operations

Table editor

a table editor, which allows you to design parameter tables using simple drag-and-drop operations


After installation of the DataMiner Integration Studio extension, Microsoft Visual Studio turns into a full-blown DataMiner driver IDE.

The Protocol.xml file editor features on-the-fly XML Schema validation. Any syntax errors are easily pinpointed in the Protocol Tree and Error List.

Using the MIB Browser, you can generate parameter tags by simply dragging OID data from MIB files onto the driver editor.

To add a new Data Display page while working with the display editor, simply click New page…, enter a name, and specify a type.

Key Facts

easy navigation through drivers

navigate through drivers in a flash with a navigation panel, a link panel, and inline links

code snippet libraries

automatically insert code snippets for a wide variety of typical XML structures and C# functions (helper classes)

MIB importing

import MIB files in order to automatically generate parameters, triggers, etc.

display editor

drag and drop parameters to create device user interfaces on the fly

table editor

create and design data tables instantly, leveraging the wealth of table features and capabilities available in DataMiner

quick action C# debugging

use the DIS Inject tool to perform live step-through debugging of C# quick actions

powerful validation

pinpoint issues in no time and test your drivers against more than 200 criteria with the automated QA validator

publishing on DMA

Your Benefits

integrate any product from any vendor

save valuable development time

user-friendly editors

easily import SNMP MIBs into your drivers

automatically insert code snippets


We will offer a complete online training program with both private and open training sessions. The training offers a comprehensive overview and provides a comfortable learning process, avoiding travel costs and lengthy absences from the workplace.


Find answers to your questions with our FAQ document, available from our online user portal DCP. If you can't find your answer in the FAQs, you can ask your question using our online contact form. We will then send you the answer as soon as possible.

Unlock the full potential of DataMiner with DIS

One DataMiner Integration Studio developer license is available free of charge for current DataMiner users. For business partners, as well as for additional DIS user licenses per customer, conditions apply. Please contact Sales for more information.