The business layer

DataMiner, as a single consolidated end-to-end network management platform, provides unprecedented visibility on your operation from a device, service and business perspective. The business intelligence layer enables you to keep track of all your service availabilities and SLAs in real time.

manage your entire content-to-customer chain from a value-added business perspective

DataMiner® Business Intelligence (DMS-BI) is a cutting-edge solution that enables IPTV, satellite, cable and broadcast operators to manage their entire content-to-customer chain from a value-added business perspective.

With DMS-BI, DataMiner tracks Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance in real time. System events are automatically presented in their historical performance context, so operators can reallocate human and system resources with the business stakes in mind. DMS-BI allows operators to manage the SLA for both incoming and outgoing services, as well as Operating Level Agreements (OLAs) for the various internal interdependent segments of the corporation.

seamless integration

The solution features seamless integration with the existing DataMiner environment (including reporting, dashboards, notification, correlation, mobile access, etc.), which enables users to leverage their existing investments. DMS-BI also features a pronounced open architecture, with open XML SLA definitions, user-definable alarm thresholds and interfaces for northbound applications such as trouble ticket platforms.

reduce operational expenses

With DMS-BI in place you can significantly reduce operational expenses and ensure that your business stakes are always taken into account. Receiving notifications when you are eligible for penalty payments, proactively relocating resources to high-profile services in jeopardy, automatically reallocating backup resources to services with the highest potential business impact during severe outages, identifying regions where perceived service quality is at risk, and much more. It is all available to you with one single solution that spans across your entire operational environment.

Real-time business intelligence allows you to make truly informed decisions

Key Facts

leverages DataMiner Service Management, and optimizes resource utilization in real time

calculates and presents SLA information in real time, as events occur

has open XML format for definition of SLA metrics, and supports any SLA scheme

allows for updates of SLA definitions at run-time with no interruption of the operational environment

allows management of both internal and external services, as well as incoming and outgoing services

tracks key SLA metrics such as total violation time, number of violations and duration of individual violation events

has ability to cater for delay times, and to suspend SLA tracking of services

features user-predicted compliance for proactive corrections

features real-time display of metrics and user-definable alarm thresholds

allows forwarding of SLA-related events and alarms to northbound applications

has extensive web-based SLA compliance reporting

allows easy sharing of select SLA information with third parties

provides access to all SLA-related information via mobile devices