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DataMiner for the broadcast industry

DataMiner, the leading network management solution, has been specifically designed for broadcast environments and offers professional solutions for real-time interfacing, trending, reporting, alarm correlation, email and SMS notification, automation, automated spectrum analysis, service-oriented management, confidence monitoring, etc. In this market section, DataMiner® has a proven track record involving various leading companies. Click here to see a list of our references.

broadcasters can view and manage their entire operational chain

With its proven multi-vendor technology, DataMiner enables broadcasters to view and manage their entire operational chain via a single, intuitive and user-definable UI, irrespective of the equipment they deploy today or will ever deploy in the future.

DataMiner delivers an open and standardized platform with all the functionality that you can wish for, including multi-user web access, role-based security, alarming, remote control, trending, reporting, correlation, notification, mobile interaction and much more. Moreover, thanks to its built-in artificial intelligence, it can assist operators to manage a live operation more easily and efficiently, featuring among others intelligent fault detection, incident analysis and trend forecasting.

powerful automation

In addition, DataMiner provides a powerful open automation environment, designed to control the operational environment through pre-defined managed procedures. DMS Automation features an intuitive, graphical user interface, and doesn’t require any programming knowledge. Automation scripts can easily be triggered manually, through a user-defined time schedule or by system events. This technology, combined with the MS Visio®-compatible operator UI, enables operators to manage the environment without being confronted with underlying system complexity. DMS Automation interfaces easily with any third-party information sources such as scheduling and booking applications.

fully automate your broadcast operation end to end across any device

Key Facts

view your entire broadcast chain from one consolidated UI across all vendor boundaries

enable operators to manage their environment without being confronted with the underlying complexity

optimize the use of available system resources

Your Benefits

save time and expenses by automating system reconfigurations

keep a close eye on the actual business performance with real-time SLA monitoring

eliminate outages and service quality degradations