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Automation Engine

The DataMiner® Automation Engine is a unique software application that allows you to create extensive automation scripts, which can then later be executed manually, based on events, or at a scheduled time. The DataMiner Automation Engine comes with an intuitive GUI, so that designing scripts is as simple as expressing your wishes.

automate your operational and business procedures

DataMiner Automation Engine allows operators to fully automate operational and business procedures, thereby drastically reducing operational expenses. Scripts can be designed with an intuitive graphical user interface in the DataMiner web interface, providing extensive capabilities to cover any action that an operator would execute manually and much more.

automation scripts

Automation scripts can be created for a wealth of applications including intelligent backup and service-healing routines, guided troubleshooting for operators, automatic configuration and provisioning of services, and much more. Once scripts are created, they can be triggered in a variety of ways, ranging from manual operator initiation, to event-based or scheduled execution.

Today the DataMiner Automation Engine is used throughout different industries, for countless different applications, all targeted at reducing time-to-react, increasing service quality and availability, enforcing corporate operational procedures and ensuring managed operation.

Key Facts

use volatile and non-volatile memory spaces inside the script

mapping of device names

automatic verification of device availability

send SMS and email messages

use delay timers

use nested scripts

synchronous and asynchronous run behavior

and much more

Your Benefits

fully automate operational and business procedures

reduce time-to-react

increase service quality and availability

enforce corporate operational procedures

ensure managed operation

Manage the most complex operational procedures with the automation engine