DataMiner Experience & Performance Manager - Introduction

Whether you run an OTT operation, roll out a new DAA architecture for your cable plant, a multi-vendor satellite VSAT platform or any other type of distribution and irrespective of the type of services you deliver to your customer base, DataMiner EPM will deliver unprecedented insights. Learn all about the concept, architecture, deployment strategy and much more.



This webinar is currently planned on the following dates, but additional dates may follow soon:

MARCH 19, 2020
9 AM - CET
4 AM - EDT | 4 PM - SGT
MARCH 19, 2020
4 PM - CET
11 AM - EDT | 11 PM - SGT

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Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications, is one of the industry’s thought leaders and visionaries in the area of next-generation end-to-end network management solutions for complex broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile ecosystems. Ben has reoriented and led Skyline Communications to become the acknowledged global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management software technology.

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This is an introduction to DataMiner Experience and Performance Manager (EPM), the most powerful OSS solution available in the industry for customer experience, service & infrastructure management. This solution enables operators to easily and efficiently tap into the entire customer ecosystem to get a complete picture of the service delivery & lead to unprecedented operational insights.