Tailored coaching for your DevOps team

Empower your DevOps team with DataMiner DevOps Enablement Service

Professional care-free managed service package tailored to your needs

Timeline of the DataMiner DevOps Enablement Services package

Generate massive value with your DataMiner platform

Implementing DevOps can be challenging. It requires a new way of thinking, new tools and processes, and a new culture. DataMiner DevOps Enablement Service can help.

Our care-free managed service package is tailored to your needs, providing organizations with skilled DevOps professionals who can empower your team with the knowledge and skills to establish a productive and empowered DataMiner DevOps squad.

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Empowerment of the DevOps team

Coaching - DevOps Enablement

Customized coaching tailored to your goals

Training DevOps Enablement

Training and certification

Customized coaching for your team

Unlike traditional training, our DevOps Enablement service package is a tailored coaching program focused on the desired outcome of having a productive and empowered DevOps team.

The coaching program is customized to the role of each individual and organization's goals, typically involving general knowledge around common ICT topics (e.g. SNMP, Regex, C#, JSON, etc.), general soft skills (e.g. agile methodologies, inter-personal skills), as well as DataMiner knowledge (e.g. GQI, no-code apps, automation, etc.).

Training and certification

Our service grants you access to a diverse range of resources, including training materials on our online community, formal certification, and personalized coaching. Our experienced coaches provide a fully customized journey, ensuring that you have access to the most relevant materials at the right time throughout your learning process. With our service, you can maximize your learning potential and achieve your goals with ease.

Generate massive value with your DataMiner platform

After completing the program, you will have all DevOps resources, skills, and knowledge at your fingertips to continuously generate massive value with your DataMiner System. This will help you optimize your operations, reduce costs, and deliver better services to your customers.

DataMiner DevOps Enablement Services

Unlock the full power of DataMiner with Skyline's DevOps Enablement Service

Transform your deployment into a continuous evolution with professional DataMiner DevOps guidance and an industry-standard CI/CD ecosystem.

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  • Staffing
  • Team onboarding

The kick-off meeting sets the stage for the DevOps Enablement program. It includes discussions around staffing and team onboarding, helping to ensure that the program is tailored to the organization's specific needs.

Coaching services

  • Individual Training Program
  • Online training by subject-matter experts
  • Self-assessment
  • Certification
  • Personal coaching

Our coaching and consultancy services are available to further empower your team and accelerate the value delivery towards your business.

Tooling & infrastructure

  • Development & lab systems
  • Design consultancy
  • Development consultancy

With access to development and lab systems, you can rest assured that your team will be fully equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to excel.

Check DataMiner DevOps Enablement Service on DataMiner Docs for a complete list of features.

As part of the DataMiner DevOps Enablement Service, you are also enrolled in the DataMiner DevOps Professional Program, which ensures continued engagement with the DataMiner DevOps Professionals even after the DataMiner DevOps Enablement is fulfilled.

The DataMiner DevOps Professional Program

Empowering people to continuously deliver maximum value for their data-driven organizations by leveraging the power of DataMiner

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DataMiner DevOps Professionals