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Precious Moments

Your services are no longer a gimmick. People depend on them. Your services are now an integral part of everybody's everyday life. Whether you are provide broadcast TV, on-demand TV services, fixed line or mobile telephony or satellite internet connectivity, the paradigm is the same.

Your future and the success of your business now entirely depend on the quality and the cost of the services your offer.

Critical Moments

Your services are no longer a gimmick. Businesses depend on them, and they are now the lifeblood of any corporation. Without those services, everything immediately grinds to a painful halt.

No matter what kind of video, voice or data service you provide, and irrespective of the delivery platform, the success of your operation nowadays entirely depends on the quality and the cost of the services that you offer.

Your Operation

Whether you are operating an HFC broadband plant, IPTV system, broadcast environment or satellite platform, you are facing some new challenges.

An ever faster evolving technology forces you to deploy new systems and solutions faster than ever before. And at the same time, a continuing convergence of the competitive playing field increases the pressure on that operation.

And the ever more demanding customer needs only one thing, impeccable quality of service at a competitive price.

The Solution is Knowledge

Increasing the service quality while driving down operational costs is the key to your success. The ultimate way of achieving this is through complete knowledge.

If you can know everything that happens in your operation, and have complete visibility on all the services at the point where you deliver them, for every single one of your customers, instantly and continuously around the clock, you can run your operation more efficiently than ever before.

And this idea is not a utopia anymore. Because that all-knowing visibility is exactly what the revolutionary DataMiner CPE Manager solution delivers. This disruptive technology heralds a new age of managing the most complex ecosystems, and delivers more return on investment than any other solution you have ever deployed.

How It Works

DataMiner CPE Manager is the very first professional OSS solution harnessing the power of big data technology in the IPTV, satellite, HFC broadband and broadcast industry. The platform enables operators to mine massive amounts of operational data across their entire population of customer premises equipment, including modems, set-top boxes, gateways, OTT clients, soft agents, etc.

The data collected from every and any individual CPE object, around the clock and at a high speed, results in an unprecedented crystal clear picture of the most complex operation. DataMiner CPE Manager automatically maps that data on a complete network model, and through real-time aggregation and correlation, it pinpoints issues instantly with surgical precision.

And as DataMiner CPE Manager contains a wealth of information, it is typically also used by departments across the organization, for a wide variety of applications, including customer care, support, capacity management, marketing, and much more.

Key Features

  • Open architecture & industry-standard interfaces
  • CPE interfacing based on any possible protocol (e.g. SNMP, TR69, RTCP, SSH, proprietary, etc.)
  • Supports native CPE information and/or any third-party CPE agents & probes
  • Manage video, internet and telephony services with one platform
  • Ultra-fast data collection & processing with many millions of CPE objects
  • Fully user-definable network correlation model
  • Fault management with instant alarms across the entire delivery chain
  • Fully automated provisioning
  • DHCP interfacing
  • Data warehouse interfacing
  • Help desk interfacing
  • Northbound interfacing
  • And much more...

Business Case

The groundbreaking capability of DataMiner CPE Manager, to collect and intelligently process huge amounts of CPE-related information across your entire operation, will have an impact on every single department across your organization, and will result in very tangible business benefits.

As an example, the field maintenance engineering team of one of our customers slashed a staggering 20000 truck rollouts per year, by using DataMiner CPE Manager to move from reactive to proactive network maintenance. The OSS team cut the number of undetected network events in half, and reduced the time between detection and update of the associated trouble tickets with a factor 20, significantly improving the mean-time-to-repair and the quality of the services provided by the help desk.

And these are just a few samples of the many achievements of this next-generation solution. If you want to make that kind of impact on your operation, DataMiner CPE Manager is the solution that you're looking for.


With DataMiner CPE Manager in place, you will be leaping forward in a new era with your operation, and you will be ready to be successful in a fast-evolving market. Some of the many benefits that you will reap:

  • Create unrivaled visibility on quality and availability of services
  • Detect & resolve emerging issues before they affect customers
  • Reduce number of help desk calls significantly
  • Provide more accurate feedback to customers
  • Plan pro-active maintenance rather than being re-active
  • Reduce operational expenses significantly
  • Deploy plant resources more efficiently
  • Reduce churn rates easily