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The DataMiner Experts & Insights platform offers a plethora of webinars, allowing you to unlock DataMiner to its full extent. Our Skyline experts will share their insights to help you manage and orchestrate your operation more efficiently than ever before.  We’re committed to enriching your DataMiner experience with our knowledge.

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February 21, 2019

DataMiner Use Cases & Benefits

Join this webinar to discover how DataMiner enables operators to maximize their efficiency and reach operational excellence trough some real-life use cases.

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    February 28, 2019

    DataMiner Automation Engine

    In this session, you’ll discover the most powerful and flexible automation engine in the industry, which is essential to achieve operational success in today’s fast-paced and very competitive media and broadcast landscape.

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On Demand

Missed a webinar? Just watch it in replay. You can request passed webinars at a date and time of your choosing.

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    Software-defined media networks (SDMN) part 2

    Join this session on DataMiner SDMN and learn all about service assurance and compliance reporting.

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    Software-defined media networks (SDMN) part 1: service orchestration

    Find out how DataMiner manages the service life cycle across edge and network domains, regardless of technology, transport layer, switching and routing paradigms.

  • Management of Cable Operator DAA/RPD ecosystems

    In this session, our expert will go over the main differences between distributed and centralized access architectures. As such, several of the major challenges related to the management of an evolved access ecosystem for cable operators will be introduced.

  • DataMiner Routing Control Panel

    In this webinar session, you’ll discover the DataMiner Routing Control Panel. This panel provides a very intuitive and easy-to-use front end for operators and enables them to control any service with the click of a button.

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    DataMiner Ticketing Gateway

    The DataMiner Ticketing Gateway is much more than just a solution to create a ticket. Join this webinar session to learn how it ensures that your business is connected with the operation in a very intuitive and highly automated fashion, and enables you to gain operational efficiency and increase quality of service.

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    Operations in times of transition

    This session covers some of the major technology trends and ongoing transitions in service provider networks, and the impact they have on operation teams will be made clear.

  • Quick introduction to DataMiner

    A brief, high-level introduction on what DataMiner is all about.

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    DataMiner Job Manager

    Learn how DataMiner enables you to easily deliver the most sophisticated broadcast & media services.

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    DataMiner Asset Management and Workflow Automation

    Discover how DataMiner’s extreme flexibility and ability to adapt to changing technology equals flawless asset management and workflow automation.

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    DataMiner Customers: Operations & Benefits

    Learn how our DataMiner customers benefit from deploying our state-of-the-art platform.

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    The data access and control layer: the make-or-break foundation for monitoring and orchestration

    Discover the advantages of a solid and future-proof data access and control layer.

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    DataMiner Spectrum Monitoring

    Discover all the DataMiner Spectrum Monitoring capabilities in this session.

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    End-to-end fault management

    Find out how broadcast & media operators can address the challenges faced when implementing fault management.

  • The strategic value of network management & orchestration

    Find out how a future-proof end-to-end network management and orchestration solution defines your operation’s success.

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    DataMiner for satellite networks: a triple win

    Learn how DataMiner is a triple win for your satellite network.

  • Service Quality Management (SQM)

    Discover the many advantages of the fully integrated & end-to-end DataMiner platform.

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    DataMiner Reports and Dashboards

    An exclusive sneak preview of the brand-new DataMiner Reports & Dashboards module.

  • Virtualized and cloudified service delivery network

    In this session, the advantages of new software-defined and virtualized architectures will be covered. The impact of these transitions will be explained and it will be illustrated how smoothly DataMiner supports operators through them with real-life use cases.

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    Rack Manager

    Find out how the DataMiner IDP Rack Manager makes life much easier for operators.

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    Full-stack media data center management

    DataMiner allows full-stack monitoring and orchestration across any technology for media service distribution over IPTV DSL, Cable, FTTx, DTH, DTT and OTT. In this session we demonstrate how, and also show the way in which DataMiner manages all layers of infrastructure deployment, from physical infrastructure to virtualization environments.

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    DataMiner Integration Studio

    The DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS) facilitates the process of developing and testing interface drivers. This session shows you how DIS integrates any product from any vendor, simplifies driver development, helps to import MIB data into your drivers, and much more. Join the webinar and learn how to save precious time thanks to DIS.

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    Production media data center – all-IP broadcast infrastructures

    Today’s media companies are faced with a number of challenges the migration to a media-over-IP landscape brings with it, such as broken workflows, slow switching speeds, exponential increase of SMPTE-2110 flows and much more. Learn how DataMiner tackles all challenges by witnessing real-life examples.

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    DataMiner Cloud Services

    The new DataMiner Cloud Services enables you to share any information from a DataMiner system with a third party, fully secured and scalable. The service will undoubtedly become indispensable for agile broadcast, media and service provider operations.

  • Broadcast operation and automation

    Broadcast operations are very often restricted by a siloed setup, even today. The reason for that can be found in the still proprietary control interfaces of elements and software functions. Discover how the DataMiner platform opens the door to the full potential of IP media infrastructures.

  • DOCSIS 3.X HFC network management for C-CMTS, DCMTS and RPD

    Through real-life examples, you’ll get to experience how DataMiner redefines the way operators manage hybrid DOCSIS 2., 3.0 and 3.1 networks, deployed in a centralized and distributed manner.

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    Introduction DataMiner Service and Resource Management

    This general introduction includes an outline of what DataMiner SRM is all about. We’ll go over the basic principles, the key building blocks of an SRM solution and their features and capabilities, and some high-level real-life examples of SRM-powered solutions.

  • Introduction DataMiner Advanced Analytics

    This session explains why artificial intelligence and autonomous learning are vital for next-generation network management platforms. We’ll also discuss Skyline’s vision and the way this kind of technology is being integrated into DataMiner, as well as the concept of Augmented Operation. Several examples will illustrate the new features and capabilities powered by DataMiner Advanced Analytics.

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    DataMiner CPE Manager

    A general introduction to DataMiner CPE Manager. This session will explain what the CPE Manager is, including its areas of application, architecture, and principal features and capabilities. Some examples of real-life deployments in various domains will be provided.