Skyline Communications announces a new Learning & Certification Program as part of its DataMiner Cloud Platform. The most notable change is that all DataMiner training programs are now available online free of charge in the Dojo Community. At the same time, the training offering has also been considerably extended to cover additional expert topics in depth. 

Dojo brings Skyline’s 350+ experts and thousands of leading media and broadband companies from across the globe into one shared direct peer-to-peer environment. In this one place, all possible information and knowledge is consolidated and shared completely transparently. Users can interact directly and continuously with peers, cutting out any intermediates, with faster and far more qualitative information as a result.

Skyline Communications, the global leader in AI-powered end-to-end multi-vendor network management and orchestration solutions for the media and broadband industry, announces the launch of its DataMiner Cloud Platform. This innovative cloud solution is going to serve as a new cornerstone in its DataMiner ecosystem offering. The DataMiner Cloud Platform represents a genuine paradigm shift, offering DataMiner users innovative solutions to ensure a successful transition into the emerging media and broadband ICT industry landscape, and to empower their digital transformation programs.