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Cellular Backhaul & Trunking

Satellite earth stations and teleports

As a modern earth station or teleport operator, you are responsible for a complex, high-tech operation that needs to be reliable while scaling closely with the varying demand over time. You therefore need to leverage the possibilities of virtualized operations and data center automation, orchestrated and monitored by DataMiner. 

DataMiner satellite earth stations and teleports

Manage your RF with care: DataMiner spectrum analysis, monitoring and management

DataMiner combines fully automated remote measurements with a seamless integration into your OSS systems, enabling operators to closely monitor the entire spectrum they operate in and detect issues as early as possible. 

DataMiner solutions - Spectrum Analysis

Network Operation Center (NOC)

DataMiner supports the seamless combination of the different network segments, technology domains, business areas and teams converging in today's network operation centers.

DataMiner solutions - Network Operations Center NOC

IT network and configuration management

Thorough infrastructure and configuration management is the key to an efficient and resilient IT network infrastructure. Maximize uptime as well as security with the tools DataMiner has to offer, from inventory discovery and provisioning to configuration, software and facility management.

DataMiner solutions - IT network and Configuration Management

Network timing and control for ICT, broadband and media

DataMiner is the ideal platform to manage the increased complexity of one of the most critical network services: network synchronization.

IP flow monitoring and analytics

DataMiner creates full visibility on the IT, broadband and media flows across any network, allowing you to easily pinpoint the root cause of issues. 

Automate your business - digital transformation

Many companies are implementing digital transformation programs to increase efficiency and quality. DataMiner is an ideal fit for the process automation at the heart of this. 

Management by exception

An up-to-date confidence monitoring platform is essential in today's increasingly complex ICT, media and broadband operations. DataMiner allows operation teams to focus on the issues that really need their attention.

Data center & cloud microservices management

Data centers, and more generally compute and storage capacity, have become a commodity in recent years. This means operating them, whether in a pure IT setting or a broadband or media environment, is an exercise in efficiency, security and reliability. DataMiner enables you to optimize these three aspects. 

QoE and UEx management

A quality of experience (QoE) management tool will involve a lot more data sources and integrations than you might expect at first sight. With DataMiner, you combine excellent visibility on performance with the possibility of taking timely action. 

Environmental and facilities management

To ensure the integrity of your facilities, assuring maximum return on investment (ROI), minimizing operational expenditure (OPEX) with fully automated workflows, and maximizing service uptime, DataMiner is the perfect fit regardless of the size or type of your facility.

Network security operations (SecOps)

As an organization, you can no longer afford to do the bare minimum when it comes to security operations. In the arms race we are currently in, your customers expect you to go all the way in ensuring your and thereby also their security. This means not only taking every possible precaution and implementing every good practice, but also having a system in place that actively enhances the security of your network, with the use of the latest technologies.

DataMiner takes care of both
media & platform services, end to end

The rise of real-time media and communication services has uplifted complexity
and demand for bandwidth, making it harder for service providers to stay in control.