DataMiner Solutions

DataMiner® is operational at hundreds of media and IT companies. Many applications are supported as a result of the numerous configuration capabilities at all levels. Find out more about the DataMiner solutions that fit your operation.

Software-defined media networks

How do you manage modern software-defined media networks to assure the right service at the right time for every customer?

A transaction-aware, top-level orchestration and service assurance platform is becoming a must to be able to build and operate software-defined media networks end to end in a reliable and secure manner. DataMiner is the only network management platform on the market that truly orchestrates your software-defined media network.

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how can you efficiently monitor and orchestrate your complex all-IP media infrastructure?

As the broadcast industry is evolving towards a flexible and UHD-ready all-IP infrastructure, the complexity of your operational environment continuously increases. DataMiner enables you to successfully make the move from SDI to IP, and guarantees to be the most strategic asset for your current as well as your future operations.

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asset management

how can you manage complex VoD and ad asset workflows effectively?

The broadcast and media service provider industry is going through tremendous changes. Technology is evolving at an overwhelming speed, complexity is growing and customers are more demanding than ever. DataMiner provides the unified end-to-end workflows that are essential to deal with these transitions.

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media data center


All-IP connectivity and virtualization introduce a great number of new challenges for the media data center of today. To deal with the ever-increasing complexity and versatility, an integrated end-to-end NMS/OSS like DataMiner is indispensable.

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master control room


DataMiner enables broadcast centers to evolve to next-generation technologies, simplifying and automating workflows throughout the master control room, with end-to-end monitoring and control. It effectively reduces the operational workload while maximizing resource utilization.

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how do you migrate your DOCSIS plant seamlessly into the D3.1 era?

DOCSIS transformation to D3.1 and distributed architectures often requires a challenging operational transformation. DataMiner allows the transformation to be implemented with optimal efficiency and significantly reduced risk.

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Broadcast - Satellite

how do you set up end-to-end workflows across legacy, all-IP and virtualized media platforms?

Unified media workflows crossing technology and vendor boundaries of fiber, satellite and cloud infrastructure provide broadcasters and service providers with the velocity, scalability and cost structure they need to be successful.

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Cable - IPTV

how can you improve service quality in an increasingly complex environment?

Assuring the highest possible QoE/QoS across millions of set-top boxes, modems and wireless connected devices in real time is a daunting technological challenge, but also the ultimate way forward in a modern operation. DataMiner brings you the technology to make this happen right now.

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how do you prepare your satellite networks for new services?

The satellite landscape is evolving continuously. New business models are deployed by satellite operators and service providers, models that require updated operational processes and new technology on the ground and in space. In this complex world, only an end-to-end multi-vendor NMS/OSS can ensure efficient operations, service management and resource management. DataMiner takes a strategic position in any modern satellite network.

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how can you unify a legacy and all-IP virtualized broadcast operation?

Broadcasters and media companies are eager to deploy all-IP and virtualized infrastructures, expecting flexibility and higher SLA conformance, at a lower cost. However, the challenges of implementing this in today's broadcast operations often cause the expected workflow elasticity, service uptime and cost efficiency to go up in smoke. Learn how DataMiner paves the way for your next-generation broadcast center.

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how can you manage your tv delivery across a unified infrastructure?

The true potential of unified TV delivery, with adaptive bitrate streaming, processed in the cloud, and consumed on any screen in many different ways, is unleashed by DataMiner media workflow orchestration.

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