Satellite show 2019 | DataMiner by Skyline Communications

May 6 - 8, 2019

Washington DC

BOOTH 1637

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show highlights

DataMiner 9.5 live

We will be presenting the exciting features of our DataMiner 9.5 release. This release again heralds important innovations and new network management paradigms, enabling operators to manage their operations more easily and more efficiently than ever before.


Satellites, Teleports and Big Data

Wednesday, 08 May, 10:45 AM

The big data revolution is big news on the ground, but how will it impact the business of connecting the highway and the skyway? NSR estimates that the biggest markets for big data via satellite will be in transportation, government/military, and oil and gas – sectors in which teleport operators are deeply embedded. Devices and connectivity are key parts of the mix, but so are applications: formatted data streams and data analytics are the end products that customers actually need. Success in big data requires teleport operators to evolve beyond connectivity to management of complex networks, sophisticated information processing and a deep understanding of customer requirements. What are the opportunities and business challenges for teleport and satellite operators, and how will they gain a meaningful share of a high-growth market? 

Presentation by
Steven Soenens
VP Product Marketing