Cabsat 2019 | DataMiner by Skyline Communications

March 12 - 14, 2019



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Software-defined Media Networks

Whether you are a network provider, programmer, broadcaster, sports association or service provider, it is very likely that you are rebuilding your media network to make it more versatile, cloud-ready, and flexible to run just about any service ranging from remote production to distribution services. At the basis of the technology transition lies the data plane migration to IP, cloud and virtualization. But those new technologies come with a much higher complexity and only benefits a business when rolled out with an end-to-end workflow orchestration and monitoring platform. With DataMiner, you can turn complexity of the network into quick services launches, higher service and higher uptime. Furthermore, you can leverage cloud capacity and of course, increase operational efficiency.

Augmented Operation powered by AI

DataMiner Augmented Operation heralds a new generation of sophisticated artificial-intelligence (AI)-powered network management solutions. It enables operators to manage these new operational ecosystems efficiently and proactively, and to significantly reduce operational cost while boosting quality of service.

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How do you prepare your satellite networks for new services?

With the continuous innovation going on in aerospace, satellite operators and service providers have to prepare for the unknown. Modern satellite networks need to be efficient, flexible and capable of delivering the highest possible uptime, and with that come many different products and communication links that need to be orchestrated and monitored as one. The DataMiner NMS/OSS system combines all the above and is of strategic importance to world-class satellite networks and operations, providing resiliency, perfect end-to-end visibility, confidence monitoring and much more.

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As the broadcast industry is evolving towards a flexible and UHD-ready all-IP infrastructure, the complexity of your operational environment continuously increases. DataMiner enables you to successfully make the move from SDI to IP, and guarantees to be the most strategic asset for your current as well as your future operations.

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The challenges of the move from SDI to IP-based infrastructures

Monday, March 11, noon

As the broadcast industry is evolving towards a flexible and UHD-ready all-IP infrastructure, the complexity of the operational environment continuously increases and that gives rise to a large number of new management and operational challenges. This presentation discusses those challenges and how to overcome them.

Presentation by
Thomas Gunkel
Market Director Broadcast

The evolution of the broadcast and media value chain. What is the DNA of your business today as well as in the future?

Monday, March 11, 03:00 PM - 05:30 PM

In this presentation, it will be explained how a next-generation network management, orchestration and OSS platform helps to manage ever faster technology transitions and increased complexity to design, deploy and maintain new business models on the fly in order to address ever more demanding customer needs and increasing competitive pressure.

PTP Management and Media Flow Monitoring for all-IP infrastructures

Tuesday, March 12, 16:30 PM

This presentation will cover the best practices to configure, monitor and manage PTP, and includes real-life examples that illustrate how you can track your uncompressed media flows in a ST2110 IP-based media facility using a multi-layer approach to identify the video and audio signals in a media network end to end and to pinpoint any potential issue.