15 September 2018
DataMiner awarded best NMS & orchestration solution at IBC

Our unrivaled DataMiner multi-vendor end-to-end network management & orchestration platform has received this prestigious award due to its many innovative features and capabilities, empowered by the built-in cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Augmented Operation by DataMiner truly heralds a new era of proactive network management and orchestration.

14 September 2018
Flanders’ VRT goes DataMiner

Skyline Communications is proud to announce that Flanders’ public broadcaster, VRT, has selected its state-of-the-art NMS/OSS DataMiner platform to further unify and strengthen its operations. This prestigious win further extends Skyline’s long success streak with major broadcasters around the globe, underlining the tremendous strategic value of a powerful vendor-agnostic end-to-end network management and orchestration platform.

13 September 2018
Skyline Communications on shortlist for the Best of Show Awards 2018 at IBC

Skyline Communications has been nominated for TVB Europe’s Best of Show Awards 2018 at IBC in the category “content management”. The global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS software solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry was selected for its game-changing AI-powered DataMiner NMS/OSS system.

11 September 2018
Norkring takes a leap forward with DataMiner

Skyline Communications announces that Norkring has rolled out Skyline’s DataMiner NMS/OSS platform for the end-to-end management of its entire operation. Norkring, part of the Telenor Broadcast holding and a leading provider of broadcasting services in Norway, operates one of the largest networks in Europe. They offer a wide range of services, including DTT and DAB, along with tailored video contribution services and IP connectivity solutions. DataMiner spans across all Norkring’s operational platforms, providing a single pane of glass to manage and control every single active component and each of the many thousands of services.

07 September 2018
CTC Media selects DataMiner to manage its media-over-IP playout

Skyline Communications is proud to announce that CTC Media, Russia’s leading independent broadcasting company, has rolled out the award-winning DataMiner NMS/OSS platform to manage its new SMPTE 2022 media-over-IP playout facility.

13 August 2018
Skyline Communications on shortlist for CSI Awards 2018

Skyline Communications has been shortlisted for the CSI Awards 2018 in the category “best monitoring or network management solution”.
Its DataMiner NMS/OSS solution is widely recognized as the leading operational environment for the media and entertainment industry, being the only system that provides a true end-to-end view on a modern media data center.

01 August 2018
DataMiner facilitates GiaX’s ethernet-over-coax HelEOS solution

Skyline Communications, has recently integrated GiaX’s ethernet-over-coax HelEOS solution into its award-winning NMS/OSS platform DataMiner. The integration enables HelEOS to provide full element and link management/orchestration. It also assures a seamless integration into the end-to-end service delivery chain of which HelEOS is part. The solution, now powered by DataMiner, will be showcased at the CableLabs Summer Conference 2018 at the Keystone Conference Center in Colorado on August 6 and 7.

18 July 2018
The French Parliament, Assemblée Nationale, selects DataMiner as their end-to-end monitoring and orchestration platform

Skyline Communications announces that the Assemblée Nationale has chosen DataMiner to manage their entire media operation in Paris. Skyline’s award-winning NMS/OSS platform manages the complete media exchange network of the lower house of the French Parliament end to end.

26 June 2018
DataMiner powers Nova Systems’ new AgileSat Mobility Planning Tool

Skyline Communications, announces that its flagship DataMiner has been recently selected to be deployed by Nova Systems. Nova Systems, an Australian-owned and -operated international technology enabler, has selected the platform as the foundation of their new ‘AgileSat Mobility Planning’ toolset.