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PTP (Precision Time Protocol) is used by broadcasters, media network operators and service providers to deliver precise time to all slave devices in a PTP stack. PTP enables devices locked to a PTP master to synchronize their clocks for any kind of media infrastructure. That includes SMPTE ST-2110 media and broadband access networks, DOCSIS 3.1 architectures and 4G/5G infrastructures.

The DataMiner PTP app collects and correlates data from each PTP device and interfaces with third-party PTP network analyzers to achieve a true 360° real-time PTP monitoring solution. The app immediately informs you about network degradations or any PTP state changes, originating from GNSS (global navigation satellite system) down to every PTP slave device to ensure a stable and reliable PTP environment.

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DataMiner Product Sheet - Precision Time Protocol app