Discover how the global communication chain is managed from Flanders

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that you can watch digital television and surf on the internet, at home as well as on a plane or boat? Or how live images of huge sports events and even the international space station are sent and can be watched on your very own TV screen? These questions and their answers have one thing in coming: they all revolve around a network of high-technological equipment that is managed by the unique and innovative DataMiner® software of Skyline Communications, based in Izegem.

During a school visit, you’ll come to learn exactly why Skyline is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Belgium, with over 1000 clients in no less than 125 countries.

The school visit

  • company presentation - 30 min.
  • demo DataMiner - 30 min.
  • guided tour of the company - 60 min.
  • Q&A + refreshment - 15 min.


Ambachtenstraat 33, 8870 Izegem. Skyline is situated at the E403 highway, just by exit 6. There are sufficient parking spaces on site.


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