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Skyline Communications is headquartered in Izegem, at the heart of the Belgian province of West-Flanders. The city of Izegem, also known as the pekkerstad, borstelstad or schoenenstad, used to be famous for its shoe and brush making industry. Although there is still a shoe and brush museum in the town today, other industry branches have now become more prominent. Along the shores of the canal, there is now a large industrial zone housing many different companies, which unites the town of Izegem with the surrounding villages Emelgem and Kachtem into one large urban area. Izegem has a total population of over 27,000 people, and a total area of 25.48 km², resulting in a population density of 1073 inhabitants per km².

Visit our office

  • Ambachtenstraat 33
  • 8870 Belgium
  • Phone: +32 51 31 35 69

What's it like to work in Belgium?

enjoy the DataMiner® team spirit

Working at the head office of our global company has its advantages. Not only do you get in touch with people from across the globe from one easy-to-reach location, but you also get to work out for free at our gym and enjoy extensive games of pool in the lounge area. On Monday, fresh fruit takes the edge off starting a new working week, and on Friday, you can celebrate the new weekend at the after-work drink, where copious amounts of our own special Orbis beer are provided, among others. Add to that the unique "We are DataMiner" events, such as competitions for charity or barbecues, and you are bound to have a great time in the DataMiner team.

Expansion plans for the near future

By 2019, the site will be further expanded with a second office building, designed by the same architects. The new twelve-story building will among others feature an exclusive two-story event space, with a wide view of the surrounding area. The expanded site will not only further support the continuing growth of our company as global leader in multi-vendor network management software for the IPTV, satellite, broadcast and HFC broadband market, but will also house and coach promising technology startups, so that it will serve as a high-tech incubator for the entire region.

Take a virtual tour of our HQ.

Take a virtual tour of our headquarters in Izegem and see where our superheroes shape the future of multi-vendor network management.

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