About Skyline Communications

Skyline Communications is the global leading supplier of end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry. Our flagship DataMiner® network management platform, which has received various prestigious awards, enables end-to-end integration of the most complex technical ecosystems and has been deployed by leading operators around the world.

At Skyline Communications everything revolves around innovation. The company continuously invests in software research and development, striving to make more intelligent software applications, to assist its customers in driving down their operational cost while increasing the quality of their services.

Skyline Communications is a fully independent corporation with no potential conflicting activities. Our new low-energy head office respects the environment and reflects our vision on sustainable responsible business.

Here's where we make the future of network management

Join Skyline Communications and help us shape the future of multi-vendor network management. Work alongside exceptional people, each focusing their many talents to bring great software solutions to market. Along the way, you’ll build up a career with relationships across the globe, work together with renowned telecom operators and become part of the great team that is the world’s leading name in multi-vendor network management for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry.

About DataMiner

number one solution

DataMiner is the leading and fastest growing network management and OSS solution for the broadcast industry, satellite environment, IPTV operators, terrestrial networks and HFC broadband industry.

widely acclaimed

DataMiner is recommended and supported by leading DSP-certified vendors and system integrators (DataMiner Strategic Partners).

powerful conversion

DataMiner features powerful conversion into standard interfaces, including SNMP, for seamless interfacing with third party north bound OSS components (e.g. trouble ticket platform).


DataMiner is developed by the vendor-independent network management expert Skyline Communications.

open drivers

DataMiner has open drivers, enabling any third party to create new drivers or to modify existing drivers.

intuitive ui

DataMiner has an intuitive and user-friendly UI that spans across your entire operational environment and is packed with unique features and capabilities.

deployed by leading operators

DataMiner is proven technology, deployed on a large scale by leading operators across different market segments and continents.

standard off-the-shelf solution

DataMiner is a standard off-the-shelf solution that incorporates decades of experience.

industry-standard hardware

DataMiner features industry-standard hardware resulting in lower total cost of ownership.

Our history

  1. Incorporation of Skyline Communications by Leo. Vandenberghe

    Skyline Communications was founded in 1985 by Mr. Leo. Vandenberghe, who is currently still Managing Director of Skyline Communications. The company started as a local distributor for leading manufacturers, and quickly became renowned for its expertise and its superior technical support.

  2. New company mission

    In 2000, Skyline Communications repositioned itself as a software vendor, with the ambitious mission to redefine how complex broadcast and telecom systems would be managed in the future. For this purpose, the DataMiner network management software was developed.

  3. First customer deployment

    2001 saw the first deployment of DataMiner 2.0 at a customer, allowing them unprecedented visibility and control over their network.

  4. Key contracts

    Skyline Communications entered into key contracts with operators such as Telenet and Belgacom in 2004. At Belgacom, DataMiner was deployed as the top management layer for its satellite services.

  5. 500+ drivers

    By 2005, DataMiner was integrated with over 500 third-party products. In this same year, it was also awarded as best network management solution.

  6. 2000+ drivers

    The number of third-party products DataMiner was integrated with had increased to over 2,000 by 2008.

  7. Most Promising Enterprise

    In 2011, Skyline was awarded as "Most Promising Enterprise 2011". By this time, DataMiner was already deployed in over 85 countries around the world. In that year, Skyline was also runner-up in the Export Lion award.

  8. Export Lion 2012 award

    Skyline received the prestigious Export Lion award in 2012. DataMiner could then already be integrated with over 3,000 third-party products. To cope with the constant expansion of the company, 2012 also saw the start of the construction of new headquarter facilities alongside the E403 highway in Izegem, next to Exit 6.

  9. Top 50 Belgian Entrepreneurs

    In 2013, Skyline was listed among the Top 50 Belgian Entrepreneurs by De Tijd. In that same year, Skyline reached the milestone of 100+ employees.

  10. Deloitte award Technology fast 50

    Skyline was listed in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 in 2014, and on top of that, it was also awarded “Best Product and Quality of Service” by Megacable Mexico. In that year, Skyline also opened a new office in Miami, Florida, and moved its head office to the newly constructed facilities in Izegem.

  11. Deloitte award Technology fast 50

    In 2015, Skyline was again listed as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Belgium, receiving the Technology Fast50 award for the second year in a row.

  12. Teleport Technology of the year

    Skyline received the Teleport Technology of the Year award from the World Teleport Association (WTA) in 2016. In this same year, Skyline also announced that a second office tower will be constructed next to its current head office, which will add no less than 12 floors of room for further expansion. We also opened a new office in Lisbon, Portugal.

  13. A big year for Skyline

    Skyline received the Export Lion award for the second time in 2017, this time in the category for medium to large companies. This is also the year when the construction of a second office tower in Izegem started, and when a new office was opened in Singapore. The milestone of 250 employees was reached.

  14. Best Network Management Solution

    Skyline received the “best monitoring or network management solution” CSI award for the second time. The judges were impressed with the AI-powered DataMiner Augmented Operations, which demonstrates once again that the DataMiner end-to-end multi-vendor network management and orchestration solution is truly unrivaled.

  15. IABM Broadcast and Media (BaM) Award

    Skyline has been announced as award winner at the IABM BaM Awards® party last night in Las Vegas. A panel of no less than 40 independent expert judges acknowledged their renowned DataMiner platform as the global leading platform for orchestration and monitoring of SMPTE-2110 all-IP broadcast production, playout and distribution.

1000 customers in over 125 countries worldwide

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