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NAB New York • October 24 to 26 • Booth 626

The media industry is in the midst of a major transformation, driven by the adoption of emerging technologies like IP, virtualization, and the cloud. In this exciting new era, where silos are fading and technology is on the rise, the power to make a difference is firmly within your grasp. Join the DevOps revolution and pave the way for solutions that will catapult your value delivery to new heights.

Visit our NAB New York booth to learn more about DataMiner, a transformational toolset that empowers you to transform data and controls into tangible value.

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Become an empowered creator

DataMiner offers countless features and capabilities to empower you to navigate your digital journey with ease and confidence, enabling smooth collaboration, unlimited flexibility, and trailblazing innovation.

Digitize your entire operation

DataMiner Object Modeling (DOM) empowers your DevOps squads to further extend DataMiner’s digital twin with ANY type of object imaginable, from scheduling information and work orders to costing and rating information.

Create tailored UIs from scratch

Our Low-Code Apps empower anyone to create tailored UIs from scratch and without any coding skills. This way anyone can take their part in boosting the efficiency of your operation.

Enjoy ultimate convenience

From Live Dashboard Sharing to Storage as a Service, is designed to seamlessly propel your business into the digital age, equipping you with the tools to succeed in this rapidly evolving ICT media and broadband landscape.

Sneak peek: DataMiner Storage as a Service

With our upcoming cloud-native storage platform, you'll be able to connect your DataMiner System to a scalable and easy-to-use storage platform, without the effort of setting up and managing your own Cassandra and Elasticsearch cluster.

Digital Transformation
Empower your teams with a toolset for all their automation & orchestration needs

Full-fledged media orchestration

DataMiner is the ultimate platform to effortlessly orchestrate your media operation while navigating the ever-faster-changing media landscape of today and tomorrow. Orchestrate your multicast media flows, control your media edge devices in real-time, and discover how DataMiner helps you manage the complete life cycle of all your events and bookings.

  • Planning: Schedule events and bookings, and reserve resources in advance
  • Deployment: Easily onboard and deploy on-prem and cloud resources
  • Monitoring & Control: Stay in total control at all times thanks to real-time monitoring and control capabilities
  • Reporting: Easily track resource utilization and costs through reporting functionalities
  • Automation: Create hyper-automated media workflows, from end to end

Get inspired by some of our popular use cases for media operators:

Media Service Order & Management

DataMiner manages media service orders like fiber contribution links, satellite downlinks, feed recordings, file transfers and much more. Data can be ingested manually via a web UI or from several databases such as the Eurovision network, data sources from third-party scheduling systems, or even proprietary databases.

Production event management

When the production company creates an order, it is immediately sent to the event planning team responsible for approving requested orders. The DataMiner System then automatically generates and assigns different jobs to the Master Control Room, Production, Satellite, and OTT Teams.

Contribution and backhaul

Learn how Net Insight and DataMiner joined forces on a solution to manage work orders and automate all steps to secure media service transport across on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure including Net Insight’s Nimbra MSR and Nimbra Edge products.

Master Control Room (MCR)

Automating workflows in a Master Control Room (MCR), which is the heart of every broadcast operation, is key to achieving an efficient and secure operation. Learn how DataMiner is used in the MCR to automate as much as possible while keeping the freedom to intervene at any time for ad-hoc operations.

Media asset orchestration

With the ever-growing number of media assets and files that need managing, media organizations are facing major challenges to keep up. With DataMiner, operators can easily orchestrate the full media asset lifecycle throughout the media supply chain, from media origin to delivery, up to the end user.

Join the DevOps revolution

One of the key trends in the ICT media industry is the democratization of the development process of solutions, involving more and more individuals from across your organization in the process of delivering value towards your operational goals and objectives.

Supercharge your DataMiner DevOps journey

The DataMiner DevOps Professional Program empowers ambitious DevOps Professionals — from code whisperers to no-code wizards — to unlock their full potential as innovative solution creators and value delivery experts.

Tailored coaching for your DevOps team

Our care-free DevOps Enablement Service package is tailored to your needs, providing organizations with skilled DevOps professionals who can empower your team with the knowledge and skills to establish a productive and empowered DataMiner DevOps squad.

Leverage the power of the community

Exchange insights with a global community of peers, enjoy self-paced learning material, and dive into our documentation to create your own DataMiner solutions.

DataMiner DevOps Enablement Services

Let's connect at NAB show NY (booth 626)

NAB show NY will be the perfect occasion to catch up on the latest industry news and evolutions, meet up with industry experts, and map together how you can boost your ambitions and transformation programs—all in one amazing show!

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