DataMiner, awarded as best network management solution and specifically designed for the satellite, broadcast and HFC broadband industry, is used by over 1500 users around the world. Below you can find a number of testimonials from DataMiner® partners and users.

Village Island

In this interview from IBC 2016, Michael Van Dorpe, President of Village Island, a DataMiner certified strategic partner, explains how DataMiner allows his company to better meet customer demands, such as a faster time to market.

Horizon Broadcast

In this interview from IBC 2016, Satish Kenady Kasturi, President Sales & Marketing at Horizon Broadcast LLP, explains why Skyline fits perfectly into the end-to-end solutions provided by Horizon Broadcast, a long-standing partner of Skyline in India.


Ahmed Hamdy, head of MCR at Aljazeera, explains at IBC 2016 how DataMiner provides one single interface for the operations team to deal with all equipment across the network.